Mario Tennis Aces: Beginner's Guide

Mario Tennis Aces marks the first Mario sports game to grace the Nintendo Switch, and it's a wonderful one at that. While you certainly don't need to be a tennis pro to enjoy that game, Mario Tennis Aces does employ quite a few mechanics that make it not only fun but rather technical.

If you're just starting out with Mario Tennis Aces, its good to know some of the basics to help you become a tennis master!

Basic Shots

Just like in tennis, there are six basic shots that Mario Tennis Aces will allow you to employ to volley the ball back and forth with your opponent. All of these shots are pretty simple to pull off; it's knowing when to use them that can be tricky. Also, don't forget that all the basic shots can be aimed by using the left joystick as you hit the ball!

Top Spin

This is the most basic of shots in your arsenal, but it's also one of the quickest basic shots making it useful when you need to make a quick return to catch your opponent off guard. A top spin shot will have a red tail behind the ball.


A slice is a slower shot that usually bounces closer to the net, meaning its handy if your opponent is standing at the back of the court. You can execute a slice but press the B button. A slice will have a blue tail behind the ball.

Flat Shot

A flat shot is will typically bounce near the back side of your opponent's side of the court, so if your opponents playing close to the net, a flat shot should help you out. Perform a flat shot by pressing the Y button. A flat shot has a purple tail behind the ball.


A lob is exactly what it sounds like, a shot that will send the ball high into the air over your opponent head, but it travels quite slow. It almost always gives the opponent a star so use it cautiously. You can perform a lob buy pressing up on the left joystick and pressing the X button. A lob will have a yellow tail behind the ball.

Drop Shot

A drop shot is a super tricky shot and when used correctly can completely stun an opponent. A drop shot is a shot that crosses over the net and then drops sup fast and barely has any bounce, making it really hard for your opponent to return. You can perform a lob buy pressing up on the left joystick and pressing the X button. A drop shot will have a white tail behind the ball.


Although Mario Tennis Aces has pretty solid tennis gameplay, it, of course, has some unique and fun abilities too. As you rally with your opponent, you'll gain energy which can be used to perform various shots. Make sure to keep an eye on your energy level _ located in the top left corner of your screen — so you know when you can make an awesome play.

Charge Shot

A charge shot can be used on either a top spin, slice, or flat shot. Not only will a charge shot make your shot more powerful it also helps you build energy! To perform a charge shot, simply hold down the button (either A, B, or Y) and release when the ball comes to you. The longer you hold it down, the more energy you'll gain.

Trick Shot

A Trick shot allows you to get to a ball that's on the other side of the court rather quickly to hit a ball that you otherwise couldn't; however, it's not so easy to pull off. If you're too late, you'll miss the ball, but if you're too early, you'll lose energy. Activate a trick shot buy flicking the right joystick in the direction you want to go.

Zone Shot

As you rally the ball back and forth, you will notice that stars will appear on the court from time to time. Not only does that show you where the ball is going to go, but also allows you to perform a zone shot. Get to the star and hit the R button, once you do, you'll be given a target on the screen that you can move around to perfectly aim your shot. A zone shot costs energy, so you won't be able to do it all the time.

Special Shot

A special shot is just like a zone shot, but more powerful. When you have your energy meter completely full, you can press the L button at any time — you don't need a star on the court — and you'll be able to aim the ball just like a zone shot.

Breaking rackets

Rackets have health in Mario Tennis Aces, and they can break on you. Rackets will take damage when you attempt to return a zone shot or special shot, and you don't get the timing perfect. If you ever run out of rackets, you get a KO and you will lose the match.

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