Maroon 5

What you need to know

  • Apple's new Photos app is now available with iOS 13
  • Maroon 5 has partnered with Apple to release its new single "Memories"
  • The song is available to use as background music when editing a Memory in Photos

The Photos app has seen a major redesign for iOS 13. The Photos tab has been redesigned to include new Days, Weeks, and Months options that intelligently curate your best moments. Photo and video editing have seen huge expansions in the kinds of edits you can make on device. And now, you can set up your Memories to play with Maroon 5's new single of the same name as the background music.

Reported by Billboard, for a limited time, iOS 13 and iPadOS users can hop into the Photos app and, when editing a Memory, find the band's new single "Memories" as a suggested option for the background music. Memories are automatically curated groupings of photos and videos based off of your past events and visited locations.

To celebrate the collaboration, the band has also released their own "Made With Memories" video that has been created with the new Photos app and set to the song as an exclusive in Apple Music. Adam Levine, Maroon 5's frontman, released a statement to talk about the song, which is the first the band has released since 2017:

"No matter what happens in the world around you, think about those people you love and share some good memories. We wrote this song to bring people together. It's an important message for right now, and we love that we can still surprise ourselves and our fans after all these years. In addition to the song, the band would also like to share some of our fondest memories that shaped us over the years. We urge you to do the same."

This is an interesting collaboration and one of the of the only times Apple has installed music from an artist automatically on the iPhone. While the last major attempt at this wasn't received as well as Apple hoped (who remembers that free U2 album), this new collaboration is much less intrusive, as the Photos app already gives users a number of artists and songs from Apple Music to use as the backing track with their Memories.