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What you need to know

  • MARVEL Future Revolution is a new RPG for iPhone and iPad.
  • Gamers can download the free game from the App Store now.
  • Yes, in-app purchases are available.

Update, August 24 (11:50 am ET): Hold your horses, folks. The game can be downloaded but you can't actually play it yet! An in-game timer says we still need to wait another 14 hours before it's go-time — but at least we're all downloaded and ready to go!

After a little wait, MARVEL Future Revolution is now available for download from the App Store — a few hours earlier than we had expected.

The game is a free download with in-app purchases, which might make some a little nervous. It hasn't stopped the game from launching itself to the top of the RPG charts in just a few short hours though, and the initial signs are that MARVEL might be onto a winner here.

This is no small fry cash-in. Featuring high-resolution graphics and cinematic cutscenes, this is one game that will push iPhones and iPads to the limit. In fact, developer Netmarble says that you'll need an iPhone 6S or newer to play the game at all. The recommended device? An iPhone X or newer thanks to its increased processing power. Gamers will also need at least 1.7GB of free storage if they want to install this monster, too.

On the subject of in-app purchases, Netmarble says that gamers can "disable this feature on your device's settings," which is an interesting approach.

Check out the trailer to see what's in store.

Marvel's First Open-World Action RPG on Mobile

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I haven't had a chance to download the game and test it for myself just yet, but you can bet that is what I'm doing later today!

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Fancy taking MARVEL Future Revolution for a spin yourself? You can go grab it from the App Store right now!

Game on!

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