Media picks of the week: The LEGO Movie, RoboCop, Attack on Titan and more!

Each week, the editors at iMore take a look at what's available in iTunes and pick their favorite items for your consideration. Our picks don't have to be the newest releases, just stuff that's caught our eye (or our ear) that we'd like to share. This week we have LEGO, fat beats from Mr. Scruff, great Japanese manga and more!

Mr. Scruff - Friendly Bacteria

For years DJ Andrew Carthy has made danceable tunes with a whimsy, a sense of humor and some wicked hooks. Even if you're not familiar with his albums, you may recognize "Get a Move On" (built around a sample of "Bird's Lament" by Moondog) from his album "Keep It Unreal," as it's been used in ads for Lincoln and Volvo automobiles and GEICO insurance. He takes a more serious tack with this release, but there's still some fat bass, hip-hop beats and thick, juicy funk here that makes this a groovy listen.

Attack on Titan #1

Attack on Titan

Fans of Japanese animation (or anime) have been going crazy for Attack on Titan, now making its English dub debut as part of Cartoon Network's late-nate Toonami block. Now you can read the (English translated) manga upon which it's based. This story tells the tale of Eren Yeager, who along with the rest of humanity lives in medieval-style fortresses behind giant walls. The walls protect them from titans - humanoid monstrosities with an irrepressible hunger for human flesh. One day, the walls fail. And that's when our story begins.

True Detective

If you missed it, HBO's excellent gothic drama featuring Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey is definitely worth catching up. Told in flashbacks, True Detective follows the story of two detectives on the search for a serial killer with disturbing occult leanings.

The LEGO Movie

Now available in early release on iTunes! The LEGO Movie follows the adventures of average LEGO guy Emmett, who's mistakenly identified as an extraordinary person who holds the key to saving the world. And thus Emmett gets a chance to be the hero — and rub his shoulder with heroes — throughout the LEGO world.


A remake of the 1987 classic dystopian sci-fi movie, RoboCop is set it in 2028 Detroit, where multinational conglomerate OmniCorp sees an opportunity to create a part-man, part-robot police officer - one they can control. But Alex Murphy is more than they bargained for.

Those are our picks of the week. How about yours? What did you find in iTunes that's awesome? Let us know.

Peter Cohen