Safari is the name of Apple's web browser, first released for OS X and later, iOS. Originally codenamed "Alexander", the project began under the leadership of Don Melton in June of 2001 as a fork of The Konquerer brower for Linux, including KHTML and KJS. Mobile Safari was developed by Richard Williams and team as part of the Purple Experience Project at Apple in 2005 that led to the launch of the iPhone in 2007. Modern mobile Safari includes the WebKit2 HTML rendering engine and the ultra-fast Nitro JavaScript engine, including the recently announced Fourth Level LLVM (FTL).

Thanks to iCloud, everything from Safari's bookmarks to Reading Lists to open Tabs to Keychain passwords can seamless sync between Apple devices. Safari also enjoys some of the best privacy features on the internet, being among the first to offer Private Browsing, to block third party cookies, and to implement to Do Not Track standard.

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