Miitopia: How to get Elf and Vampire Jobs

Miitopia Miis Traveling
Miitopia Miis Traveling (Image credit: iMore)

As you play through Miitopia, you'll discover plenty of Jobs and Personalities to spice up your team. However, while there are six original Jobs and additional unlockable ones, there are also two secret jobs: Vampire and Elf. However, unlocking these sweet characters will take some work.

Don't forget to create some awesome customized Miis when you unlock these Miitopia Elf and Vampire Jobs. A Legolas Elf or a Dracula Vampire would look awesome. Make sure you also have enough room on your microSD card for this game.

WARNING: This page is riddled with spoilers, so please only read if you don't mind learning more about the game.

How to get Miitopia Vampire

Miitopia Job Vampire (Image credit: iMore)

The Vampire class can leech HP from enemies and make ranged attacks using elemental magic. Here's how to unlock it.

  1. Beat the Dark Lord in Karkaton.
  2. Reach the Travelers' Hub.
  3. Talk to the Vampire to learn about a special quest about an invading spirit.
  4. Travel to Peculia.
  5. Enter the Manor Macabre. You'll find it after the fourth world.
  6. Reach the end of the mansion and fight the Pop-Up Puppet. This boss has a total of 720 HP.
  7. You'll get the Bat Charm for defeating this boss.
  8. Now head to an Inn and the Vampire Job will be unlocked.

How to get Miitopia Elf

Miitopia Miis Elf (Image credit: iMore)

The Elf Class is a ranged fighter who shoots arrows from its bow, can heal party members, and puts up protective barriers around its allies. Unlike the Vampire, the Elf Job can only be unlocked after beating the game. Here's how to get it.

  1. You first must beat Miitopia's final boss.
  2. Travel to the Uncharted Galados level.
  3. Now you'll need to go through and beat the Replica Dark Lord. This boss has 3,100 HP, so it will take a lot of work to defeat him.
  4. Doing so rewards you with the Elf Charm.
  5. Once you have it, head to an Inn and you'll have access to the Elf Job.

Legolas and Dracula

With the Miitopia Elf and Vampire unlocked there are more possiblities for your Miitopia adventures. Have fun running through this silly RPG and creating your Mii characters.

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