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Miitopia Jobs
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Miitopia might seem like a light-hearted and laid back RPG, but there's actually a lot of complexity in the coding outside of the fun Mii customization tools. It all works together to make Miitopia one of the best Nintendo Switch games you can buy.

To make things easier for yourself, you'll need to choose the right Jobs for yourself and your team members. Don't forget to pair the right Personalities with the right Jobs as it greatly effects how your team members behave in battle. Without further ado, here's a list of all Jobs and their stats along with everything else you need to know about Miitopia Jobs.

Miitopia Jobs: Everything you need to know

There's a lot to understand when it comes to Miitopia Jobs. Lets dive into some basics and then look over each Job's stats and skills after that.

Which Job should I play as?

Your Job determines the skills and stats you have in battle. When you start a new game, you can choose between the Warrior, Mage, Cleric, Thief, Pop Star, or Chef.

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JobWeaponFighting Style
Warrior SwordWell-rounded melee fighter with good offensive attacks and defense.
Mage WandAttacks with powerful ranged magic attacks and starts with good defense.
Cleric StaffCasts healing spells and has high speed and magic.
Thief DaggerSteals food from enemies allowing you to buff stats faster.
Pop Star MicrophoneParty support member who can increase allies' stats in battle.
Chef Frying PanA powerful fighter who can also cook up dishes to heal themselves or their allies.

The best Job for you will depend on how you like to play and how much of a challenge you want.

Best for beginners: The easiest option is Warrior as it gives you strong attacks and defense right from the start. The Mage is also a great starter Job as they get powerful magic attacks early on.

Best for those who want a challenge: Miitopia isn't as intense as other RPGs out there, but it can get tricky in some places. If you want a more challenging go from the start, we suggest you choose the Thief or the Pop Star. Theives food nabbing allows you to improve the stats of your team faster while the Pop Star can be used strategically in battle.

Spoilers: For more information on Jobs, click this link:

Additional Jobs can get unlocked as you continue playing through the game. These include:

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JobWeaponFighting Style
CatClawsPerfect at close combat and stealing food from enemies.
ImpSpearsPerforms ranged magic attacks, can lower enemy defense, and leach both HP and MP from opponents.
ScientistFlaskQuick attacks that hit multiple enemies and provides buffs to allies.
TankShellsHigh offense and defense, but low speed. Can cause Resentment within your party.
PrincessFanA support character that can remove ally status conditions, restore MP, and guard against enemy attacks.
FlowerLeavesAnother support character that primarily uses healing and long ranged magic attacks.
VampireBatsDeal ranged elemental attacks and leach HP from enemies.
ElfBowShoot ranged arrows and heal party members.

The right Personality for the Job

The combination of a Mii's Personality and Job determine their stats and how well they get along with team members. To be more specific, every personality has specific "quirks" tied to them, which make that Mii react differently in certain situations. Here are the Personalities that we think go best with various Jobs.

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JobBest PersonalitiesWorst Personalities
WarriorCool, EnergeticStubborn, Laid-back, Kind, Air-headed
MageCool, Laid-backKind, Cautious, Stubborn, Air-headed
ClericCool, EnergeticLaid-back, Stubborn, Kind, Air-headed
ThiefKind, EnergeticCautious, Laid-back, Stubborn Air-headed
Pop StarCool, EnergeticStubborn, Cautious, Kind Air-headed
ChefCool, Energetic, KindLaid-back, Stubborn, Air-headed

You'll notice that Air-headed is always listed in the worst Personality category. That's because these Miis tend to fall asleep and not pay attention during battles. It's really not a good option unless you want to make things more challenging for yourself.

Spoilers: For more information on Job Personalities, click this link:

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JobBest PersonalitiesWorst Personalities
CatCool, StubbornKind, Laid-back, Cautious, Air-headed
ImpCool, EnergeticCautious, Stubborn, Kind, Air-headed
ScientistCool, Laid-backCautious, Stubborn, Kind, Air-headed
TankCautious, EnergeticCool, Laid-back, Stubborn, Kind, Air-headed
PrincessCool, EnergeticStubborn, Kind, Air-headed
FlowerEnergetic, CautiousLaid-back, Stubborn, Kind, Air-headed
VampireEnergetic, KindCool, Cautious, Laid-back, Air-headed
ElfEnergetic, CoolStubborn, Kind, Air-headed

Best Jobs for my team

Miitopia Horse (Image credit: iMore)

You'll slowly acquire more team members as you continue to play Miitopia. To give your team balance, I personally suggest including one of each of these fighting types: A healer, someone with strong close-combat attack, someone who provides ally buffs, and a ranged fighter. For example: Warrior, Chef, Mage, and Pop Star.

Things change as you continue on in the game. However, sticking to variety when it comes to the fighting types on your team will do wonders for you.

Can I change a Mii's Job?

Yes and no. After each area is cleared, the Dark Lord wipes your powers and forces you to play as a new Job. However, you cannot change any of your party members' Jobs outside of this period.

Spoiler: Click the link below to learn more about changing Jobs.

Once players reach the area in Karkaton near the volcano, the player can change any party member's Job to whatever they want (as long as a Job has been unlocked).

Making your party stronger

Miitopia Eating (Image credit: iMore)

A character's stats increase with each level, but you can also increase stats with better weapons, clothing, and by feeding them food. Weapons and clothes can be purchased at the Inn in exchange for gold. You can also feed your party while stopped at the Inn.

If a Mii likes a certain food, it will grant more buffs than usual while foods that it doesn't like won't provide as much of a difference. Sometimes, you need to force your team mates to eat food they don't like to make them stronger. Think of it as making them eat their veggies.

WARNING: Everything after this page is a spoiler.

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