Mikey JumpsSource: GameClub

What you need to know

  • Mikey Jumps is back in the App Store.
  • The game is available thanks to GameClub.
  • It looks better than ever.

There was definitely a golden age of iOS gaming that seemed to end a few years ago. Sure we still have some great games, largely thanks to Apple Arcade. But there was something about the games of a few years ago. And Mikey Jumps is a prime example. It shouldn't be as fun as it is. But It's really fun. And now you can play it again.

Mikey Jumps is the latest game to land back in the App Store thanks to GameClub, and you'll need its $4.99 per month subscription to play. That's a bargain if you ask me, and I'm not alone in that belief.

When you do get hold of Mikey Jumps you'll be able to enjoy the game just as we knew it before. Mikey runs all by himself and you're tasked with jumping through levels without dying. There's a grappling hook power-up, too. And you're going to need it!

Mikey Jumps AnimatedSource: GameClub

This time around Mikey runs automatically, and tapping the screen will by default make you jump, but if you pick up a pair of boots in a level, that same tap makes you fly instead. (Or swinging, in the case of a grappling hook power-up.) Many levels involve using all three of these mechanics, and it's really cool how compact these different challenging levels are, which are super conducive to playing in short bursts, or as long as you want.

With the release of Mikey Jumps, GameClub now has the full set. The game joins Mikey Shorts, Mikey Hooks, and Mikey Boots and believe me, you're going to want to play them all.