February is fitness month at iMore and Mobile Nations! [iPad 3 giveaway!]

The quest to get thinner, stronger, faster, and healthier with iMore and Mobile Nations continues!

Mobile Nations Fitness Month: Read all the reviews!We've survived two whole weeks! And while some of us have faltered -- due to illness, travel, or simply the list for burgers and fries -- we've also rebounded and renewed our commitment! We're feeling better. We're looking better. And our community is doing better than ever!

It's the age of eHealth and eFitness -- or iHealth and iFitness -- where the iPhones and iPads we love have gone beyond being communications and computing tools and have started playing more and more crucial roles in all aspects of our lives. We don't just listen to music or chat on the phone while jogging anymore. We use the data our devices collect to measure our progress, motivate our activities, and manage our mobile lives.

Ally took a look at what she considers the best diet planning app for the iPhone (and iPad), Weight Watchers), and we'll be looking at a lot more cool stuff this week and next.

We recorded a [special edition of Superfunctional chock-full of tips to stay motivated and stay moving.

But on to week 3! Once again, we're setting reasonable, attainable goals, and we're going to take advantage of our awesome community to make sure we attain them. As always we're running everything through our Health and Fitness Forum to keep us focused, keep us accountable, and keep us keeping on!

Oh, and we're still giving away an iPad 3, an Xbox 360 Kinect, and more!

  • Weekly drawings for an iPod nano. We're giving away 4 total, one each week!
  • Grand prize drawing for an iPad 3 IOU! (You'll get it when Apple launches it!)
  • Bonus prize drawing for an Xbox 360 Kinect (Check out ZEN and TECH for details).

So hurry up and jump into our new Health and Fitness Forum now and pick your goal for week 3.

Oh, and while Kevin produced the single greatest (or most terrifying) fitness video in the history of YouTube, his Sexy and you know it workout, Georgia and I might have given him a run for his money with our homage to Richard Simmons (Wikipedia him!) and... some weird Snookie/Jane Fonda hybrid in our iMore Xbox Kinect Dance Central showdown!