February is fitness month at iMore and Mobile Nations! [iPad 3 giveaway!]

The quest to get thinner, stronger, faster, and healthier with iMore and Mobile Nations heads into the home stretch!

Week 4. Everything comes down to this. We've tried to eat better. We've made it a point to exercise. We've worked to get stronger and go farther than ever before. And now we're bringing it all together.

We don't stand at a crossroads of technology and health and fitness anymore. We've blown past it. Technology is everywhere, all around us, all the time, and we can use it to help us achieve goals more easily and better than ever before. Our phones aren't just phones -- they collect the data around us, aggregate it, and report it back to us. They allow us to monitor our progress and hold ourselves accountable. They enable us to to share our progress and engage the power of the community to keep us moving ever forward.

Cases in point -- I took a look at P90X, the best boot-camp style consumer workout available on the iPhone. Gary shared his favorite iPhone apps for cycling, the ones he uses to stay fit and have fun. Leanna offered up Pocket Salsa for iPhone, if dance workouts are more your thing. Ally took a look at Weight Watchers Barcode Scanner and Fooducate to help keep your nutrition and eating on track. And Andrew took a look at a great bunch of iPhone apps and accessories for jogging and running.

But back to week 3! Of course, we're setting reasonable, attainable goals, and we're going to take advantage of our awesome community to make sure we attain them. As always we're running everything through our Health and Fitness Forum to keep us focused, keep us accountable, and keep us keeping on!

Oh, and we're still giving away an iPad 3, an Xbox 360 Kinect, and more!

  • Weekly drawings for an iPod nano. We're giving away 4 total, one each week!
  • Grand prize drawing for an iPad 3 IOU! (You'll get it when Apple launches it!)
  • Bonus prize drawing for an Xbox 360 Kinect (Check out ZEN and TECH for details).

So hurry up and jump into our new Health and Fitness Forum now and pick your goal for week 4.