RTRO in useSource: Moment

What you need to know

  • RTRO is now available to download from the App Store.
  • The app lets users create "vibey" videos using retro "looks".
  • It's free, but an optional subscription offers improved functionality.

Moment is a company that we're more familiar with when it comes to creating some cool lenses that can take your phone's camera and kick it up a notch. It also makes photography and videography software, with RTRO being the latest release. It's available for iPhone and can be downloaded from the App Store for free, now.

The app's main aim appears to be to make it easier for people to create 60-second videos that look like they were filmed years ago. That's where the "retro" look comes from, and it will apparently help people put together "vibey" videos that can be shared online. And no, I haven't worked out what that means yet.

Filming video isn't the only thing RTRO has to offer, with a handy editing function also included.

This is the fun, vintage video camera we've always wanted. Pick a look, each made by pro filmmakers. Shoot up to 60 seconds, stacking multiple clips until your timeline is full. Delete any segments you don't like. And when ready, select your sharing format before posting to your story or feed.

Moment knows that people want to share their video their way, so content can be exported in multiple formats from 16:9 through 1:1 for those Instagrammers among us. And all of that is free.

If you want to pay $1.99 per month – or $14.99 per year – you'll get RTRO+, a subscription that gives you access to all "looks", which are basically filters. The free version of the app has three unlocked and you can buy more in-app, but the subscription unlocks them all. You can also remove the app's watermark and take advantage of things like real-time subject tracking as well. If you plan on making good use of RTRO, the subscription makes tons of sense.

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