Monos Metro Backpack review: Ample storage space and a QuickSnap design

Monos Metro Backpack
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Bottom line: The Monos Metro Backpack has the capacity to carry everything you need and more. It features a unique QuickSnap design so you can grab the front pouch and go, a dedicated 15-inch laptop pocket, and an easily accessible, spacious interior with multiple pockets and zippered compartments.


  • +

    Water and scratch resistant

  • +

    15-inch dedicated laptop compartment

  • +

    QuickSnap Modular Kit System

  • +

    Main compartment opens fully and lays flat

  • +

    Multiple pockets, sleeves, and zippered compartments

  • +

    Built-in trolley sleeve


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I love to travel and I'm a big fan of backpacks. Whether I'm taking off for a long weekend or packing all necessities for a work commute, a backpack is my preferred carrying companion. I like my backpacks to be spacious and roomy with lots of pockets and zippered compartments. I typically always have my laptop on me, so a dedicated laptop pocket is a plus.

Cue the Monos Metro Backpack. This backpack checks all of my boxes and more — it looks stunning, is made of premium materials, and features a really nifty QuickSnap design. With the QuickSnap design, you can detach the small front zippered compartment and go. It has a dedicated 15-inch laptop compartment, and enough room, sleeves, and zippered compartments for all of my essentials. I consider it to be one of the best laptop backpacks for my MacBook Pro and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high-quality backpack.

Monos Metro Backpack review: What I like

Monos Metro Backpack

Monos Metro Backpack (Image credit: Nicolette Roux / iMore)

This backpack has a sleek, sophisticated profile.

The Monos Metro Backpack has a very sleek, sophisticated profile — it's definitely a looker. It comes in four nylon colors: Carbon Black, Oxford Blue, Juniper Green, and Dover Grey. It also comes in three vegan leather color options: Ivory, Saddle Tan, and Mahogany. I chose Juniper Green and couldn't be happier with this choice — the color is absolutely stunning. It's made of nylon twill with vegan leather details. The fabric is water-repellant and scratch-resistant.

The fact that it's water-repellant is a big plus in my book, especially if I'm carrying valuable items like my laptop, phone and other electronic equipment. There's even a privacy compartment on the inside for things like gym clothes and shoes made of stretchy, waterproof fabric. Score — I can carry my laptop and sweaty gym clothes in the same bag without worrying about sweat soaking my MacBook Pro!

One of my favorite parts on this backpack is the 15-inch dedicated laptop compartment. I take my MacBook Pro with me pretty much everywhere I go so it's nice that it has its own designated place. The dedicated laptop compartment is pretty spacious. You could throw your laptop in there along with several note pads or clipboards if you wanted to. I like to carry my laptop in a padded protective sleeve and that fits in the compartment perfectly as well.

The fact that the dedicated laptop compartment is situated on the back of the bag is a nice feature to point out. One side is the area that would rest on your back while you're wearing the backpack. The opposite side shares a wall with the waterproof, privacy compartment for things like wet gym clothes. Therefore, it's very protected. The interior wall is waterproof and the exterior wall is water-repellant. If you wanted to carry your laptop in the waterproof, privacy compartment, there is enough space to do that too.

The QuickSnap modular kit system is easy and convenient.

Another excellent feature on the Monos Metro Backpack is the QuickSnap Modular Kit System. The small square pouch also known as the Monos Metro Classic Kit on the front of the backpack can be removed and refastened quickly and easily. It's a magnetic system. To remove the Metro Classic Kit, simply pull down on the tab beneath the kit and gently pull upwards. Voila — you've got all of your smaller essentials, like keys, wallet, phone and chapstick in one small, neatly organized kit so you can grab-and-go. This is ideal for taking your essentials with you while in transit, like when you're boarding a plane for instance. To refasten the kit simply snap it back into place. This design is clean, simple, and easy.

Monos Metro Backpack

Monos Metro Backpack (Image credit: Nicolette Roux / iMore)

Let's talk about the Monos Metro Classic Kit. It's made of ultra-microfibre vegan leather. There is a zip pocket on the inside with a translucent window so you can see all the goodies you have in there. There are two additional pockets that can fit a passport, powerbank, external hard drive etc. There's also a removable carabiner for your keys. The kit is sleek and has the storage capacity of a small purse.

The main compartment opens fully and lays flat for streamlined packaging and accessibility.

The clamshell-style design of the main compartment of the Monos Metro Backpack opens fully and lays flat for streamlined packaging and accessibility. I love this feature. If I'm in a rush, I'll often throw smaller items towards the bottom of my backpack without looking. It's really nice to be able to open this backpack fully and lay it flat so I can see what I have and where everything is. I don't have to worry about fishing for things at the bottom of my bag in the dark. It's amazing how tiny items can seemingly disappear in larger bags sometimes, but this will never happen with the Monos Metro Backpack.

There are three pockets and one mesh sleeve inside the main compartment of the Monos Metro Backpack. One is the zippered, waterproof privacy compartment for things like gym clothes. The mesh sleeve affixed on the outside of the privacy compartment is perfect for carrying shoes. On the opposite wall, there is one large non-zippered sleeve, and one smaller zippered compartment. There's also plenty of extra room outside of the sleeves and pockets for carrying items in the main compartment.

As I mentioned above, I love to travel. The Monos Metro Backpack is equipped with a convenient trolley sleeve that secures the bag to your suitcase handle for seamless pairing and easy rolling. This is a fabulous feature. Why carry something that your suitcase can carry for you, am I right?

Monos Metro Backpack review: What I don't like

Monos Metro Backpack

Monos Metro Backpack (Image credit: Nicolette Roux / iMore)

I really love the Monos Metro Backpack. There's really not a lot I would change about it. It is pricey, but I think the high-quality materials, design, storage capacity, QuickSnap system, and features make it well worth the investment. I highly recommend this product to anyone in the market for a premium backpack.

The competition

Bellroy Lifestyle

Bellroy Lifestyle (Image credit: Bellroy)

Bellroy Classic Backpack

This backpack features a traditional format with extra engineering and detail for comfort and functionality. It features comfort shoulder straps, back padding, a quick grab handle, a padded iPad/A5 document pocket with pen slip, and a dedicated, padded laptop pocket. It's less expensive than the Monos Metro Backpack, but not by much. The Monos beats it when it comes to aesthetic, storage space, QuickSnap system, and built-in trolley sleeve.

Waterfield Pro Executive Backpack Lifestyle

Waterfield Pro Executive Backpack Lifestyle (Image credit: Waterfield)

Waterfield Pro Executive Laptop Backpack

The Pro Backpack blends sophistication with functionality. It's highly organized with two main compartments, strategically placed pockets, and a removable Executive Folio for taking to short meetings. It boasts similar storage space to the Monos Metro Backpack but is much more expensive. I think the Monos Metro Backpack still wins when it comes to functionality and design.

Monos Metro Backpack review: Should you buy

Monos Metro Backpack

Monos Metro Backpack (Image credit: Nicolette Roux / iMore)

You should buy this if ...

You're looking for a high-quality backpack

The Monos Metro Backpack is made of premium materials and boasts ample storage space.

You want a backpack with a dedicated laptop compartment

Monos Metro Backpack has a spacious 15-inch dedicated laptop compartment.

You're looking for a feature heavy backpack

This backpack boasts a waterproof privacy compartment, 15-inch dedicated laptop compatment, ample storage space, built-in trolley sleeve, and a QuickSnap modular kit system.

You should not buy this if ...

Price is an issue

This backpack is on the pricier side, but I feel it's worth the investment.

The Monos Metro Backpack is a premium backpack made of water-repellant and scratch-resistant materials. It boasts ample storage space, a 15-inch dedicated laptop compartment, waterproof privacy compartment, QuickSnap modular kit system, and built-in trolley sleeve. It looks incredible and enables you to carry all of your necessities wherever life may take you. Pair it with the Monos Kiyo Purifying Water Bottle for the ultimate in luxury traveling experiences.

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