Moog brings its legendary $10,000 Model 15 synthesizer to the iPad

Moog has launched the Model 15 app, which brings a full-fledged Model 15 synthesizer — which used to retail for $10,000 — to your iPad. The [$30 app](is a digital recreation of the legendary synthesizer, featuring rows and rows of knobs, switches, and buttons; along with oscillators, low/high pass filters, looping recorder, ping-pong delay module, MIDI input, and patch cables, all designed to give you the ability to create stellar beats.

There's also a "1150 ribbon controller, 8-step sequencing arpeggiator and the award-winning Animoog keyboard with 22 built-in scales and polyphonic modulation capabilities." Here's what's on offer with the Model 15 app:

  • Ships with over 160 unique presets
  • Recreates the sound of a hardware Moog Model 15 modular synthesizer
  • Intuitive patching and cable coloring
  • Support for landscape and portrait modes
  • Voltage-controlled stereo ping-pong delay
  • Expressive sequencing arpeggiator
  • Moog 1150 Ribbon controller
  • Real-time looping recorder with overdub and immediate sharing

The Model 15 app is built using Apple's Metal low-level API, and as such it works on 64-bit iOS devices, including the iPhone 5s or newer, as well as the iPad Air or newer. Given the feature-set on offer though, it makes sense to use the app on an iPad or the iPad Pro.

Harish Jonnalagadda

The clumsiest man in tech.