Is the Mophie Juice Pack Access waterproof?

Is the Mophie Juice Pack Access waterproof?

How do we know that it isn't waterproof?

Since this case's selling point is that it offers better access to ports and speakers, the various openings on the device are exposed. Water can easily find its way into the openings if the device isn't protected properly. As with any other electronic device, you'll need to take extra care to protect it during rainy weather or when you're around water. We suggest getting the Mpow Universal Waterproof Case since it's large enough to fit most smartphones and will protect your phone from water damage.

Currently the Juice Pack H2PRO is the only waterpoof battery case Mophie offers, but in addition to being out of stock it only works with the iPhone 6 Plus and the 6s Plus. There currently aren't a lot of dependable waterproof battery cases for the newer slate of iPhones. If you'd prefer a waterproof case without a built-in battery, there are plenty of options available.

What is the Mophie Juice Pack Access?

Despite sounding like a mix between a toddler's drink and a VIP concert ticket, the Juice Pack Access is simply a line of smartphone battery cases available for the iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, and XR. Depending on which iPhone you have, the case will provide between a 2,000mAh–2,200mAh battery size and have a life somewhere between 25 hours–31 hours on a single charge.

One of the best things going for this battery case is its slim design. Now, obviously compared to the ultra slim design of the iPhone this case will feel a lot thicker. However, you'll easily be able to slide this case into your purse or pocket without it feeling like a bulky obtrusion. The rubber casing protects your phone from scratches and bumps, but it also feels smooth to the touch.

Since the Lightning port is accessible the case's design makes it so you are able to listen to music and take phone calls while charging your iPhone wirelessly. However, this access comes with a trade off. The battery doesn't charge as fast as it would with another battery case. If you're constantly charging it when not in use this shouldn't be a problem, but it can be an issue if your constantly using it on the go. The Mophie Juice Pack Access comes in four fashionable colors so you can choose the look you like best.

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