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What you need to know

  • Star of 'The Morning Show' Jennifer Aniston has interviewed with the LA Times.
  • She says filming the show felt like "20 years of therapy."
  • Aniston was nominated for an Emmy for her role in the show.

Jennifer Aniston has spoken to the La Times about how filming 'The Morning Show' on Apple TV+ felt like "20 years of therapy" in 10 episodes.

The interview talks about how Aniston found the role of The Morning Show as a way to "at least showcase her talent in a way that might surprise people" in the wake of her success with Friends. On the cathartic experience of filming the show the report says:

"That show was 20 years of therapy wrapped into 10 episodes," says Aniston, 51. "There were times when I would read a scene and feel like a whole manhole cover was taken off my back."

The report continues:

"The Morning Show," which she helped build from the ground up as a producer, felt like a two-year cleanse that forced Aniston to examine how she's handled fame over the last three decades and decide that she could improve it.

Aniston spoke about how being an actor and observing the way her character handled fame made her acknowledge the issue "as opposed to pretending it doesn't exist."

The interview also touched on how Aniston resonated with her characters limo meltdown on the way to a red carpet event. The report also notes how The Morning Show shut down filming in March because of COVID-19, and how the next season will incorporate a pandemic storyline:

"The Morning Show" had begun filming its second season earlier this year before COVID-19 shut down production in March. Aniston says the break proved fortuitous, because it allowed them to incorporate the pandemic into the story and reflect the unease everyone felt when they were shooting the season's first two episodes. Pre-COVID and post-COVID are different universes, Ehrin says, and there's no way a topical program like "The Morning Show" could ignore that. What will that look like? "You're just taking the best guess of what you think will be an effective place to go with the storytelling and let the characters guide you," Ehrin says.

You can read the full report here.

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