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Moshi Avanti C headphones are one of those rare audio products that weren't designed to pair with Apple's iPhone. Despite this, don't rule them out if you're in the market for a comfortable pair of wired, on-ear headphones. Here's why.

A sweet spot

Moshi Avanti C

Moshi Avanti C

Bottom line: Beautifully designed and available in different colors, Moshi Avanti C is a forward-looking choice for those looking for a USB-C audio solution.

The Good

  • Stylish design, comfortable too
  • Provides immersive listening experience with noise isolation
  • Includes 3.5mm cable too
  • Your iPad Pro will love this
  • Fair price, but ...

The Bad

  • ... but still pricey
  • No immediate Apple love
  • Some sound leak
  • Companion app in Google Play Store only

Ready for its closeup

What is the Moshi Avanti C?

Moshi Avanti CSource: iMore

One of the more frustrating things in Apple world in recent years is continued Lightning vs. USB-C controversy that started in 2018 and will almost certainly keep going until at least fall 2020. The issue: though Apple's iPhone lineup continues to use a Lightning connector, the latest iPad Pro models come with a USB-C port. Therefore, if you own the latest and great of each lineup, you'll need a different set of wired headphones for each, assuming you don't have an adapter.

Having fallen in love with Moshi in-ear earbuds, I decided to go back to the company for a new pair of on-ear headphones. The multi-national company, which offers everything from iPhone cases to touchscreen gloves to bags and backpacks, offers numerous over-ear products. One of those, the Moshi Avanti LT includes a Lightning cable. Anticipating Apple's eventual move to USB-C for all of its mobile devices, I selected the Moshi Avanti C.

Feel comfortable, most of the time

Moshi Avanti C: What I like

Moshi Avanti CSource: Moshi

Featuring a beautiful combination of breathable synthetic leatherette and lightweight stainless steel, the Moshi Avanti C is a sleek, retro-looking piece of equipment. Thanks to a headband that has an inward angle of 14 degrees, each earcup fits comfortably regardless of your head size. This comfort does come at a price, however.

Like other on-ear headphones, there's often a battle brewing between having a snug fit and one that's comfortable. With the Moshi Avanti C, I have found myself loosening the fit throughout the day, so my head doesn't hurt. This back-and-forth results in occasional sound leaks that are more annoying than game-changing. Nonetheless, it's something to keep in mind.

The Moshi Avanti C delivers the most when it comes to audio quality. With high-efficiency 40mm drivers, these cans provide full-bodied sound that matches and sometimes exceeds that of higher-end competitors. Offering an impactful, yet smooth base, the Moshi Avanti C offers well-tuned mids and highs with wide dynamic range.

Meanwhile, the noise isolation is good, not exceptional, which is appropriate given the price point.

Finally, Moshi receives kudos for providing not just the durable USB-C cable with the Avanti C, but also a 3.5mm cable with built-in remote and mic. That won't help you without an adapter on newer mobile devices. However, it does mean you can enjoy your music in comfort on your Mac. The headphones also come with a custom carrying case.

No App Store app

Moshi Avanti C: What I don't like

Moshi Avanti CSource: Moshi

These headphones don't just come with a USB-C cable. They also support a Google Play app called Moshi Digital Audio that allows you to change and store up to five EQ presets on the headphones using the cable's DJ Boost button. These changes interact nicely with the headphones' built-in digital-to-analog converter (DAC) (24-bit/96 kHz and a Class G amplifier). Unfortunately, there's no App Store app for the Moshi Avanti C to date.

Besides my iPhone 11 Pro Max, I also have a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and was able to use the Google Play app to make some EQ changes. It works well, although there are better solutions on the market. Regardless, it's a shame Moshi doesn't bring this functionality to the App Store -- at least for iPad Pro owners. Perhaps when USB-C inevitably comes to future iPhones, Moshi will reconsider.

What about the price?

Priced the same as Beats Solo 3 Wireless, you might wonder whether the wired Moshi Avanti C headphones are worth the price of admission. It's a difficult question to answer. Perhaps in the perfect world, these cans should be about $50 cheaper. Since they are not, be on the lookout for discounts.

What's in the box?

The Moshi Avanti C headphones come with a color-coded USB-C cable that includes a mic and four-button control panel. There's also a 3.5mm cable with built-in remote and mic. The custom carrying case is durable and worth keeping.

A good solution

Moshi Avanti C Headphones

3.5 out of 5

These are beautiful, comfortable, and provide a terrific overall sound. If you're looking for a relatively inexpensive pair of wired on-ear headphones, you should check these out. They are available in black, beige, and red.

Much to love, but some concerns

Moshi Avanti C in tan

Moshio Avanti C Headphones

Durable and unique.

These headphones have been designed to turn heads and provide an excellent listening experience.

Have any questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about the Moshi Avanti C headphones, let us know below.

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