Apple Music brings Live Lyrics to the web

100 million songs on Apple Music banner
100 million songs on Apple Music banner (Image credit: Apple)

One of the best features of Apple Music is now coming to the web.

Apple Music continues to grow in popularity, but I remember when the number of features it had in comparison to Spotify was really low. However, the company rolled out a feature called Live Lyrics, and things were quickly different.

Even Spotify didn't have a way to check the lyrics of a song as you were listening to it. If anyone remembers, you'd need to search for a song's lyrics on the web while you were listening to it. Apple decided to bring lyrics directly into the Apple Music app with Live Lyrics which follow the words being sung in the song so you know exactly where each lyrics fits into it.

It's a cool feature that makes learning the lyrics to your favorite songs really easy. After a few years, Spotify copied the feature but, to this day, has not yet implemented it as smoothly as Apple has. It's honestly one of the most underrated features of the music streaming service.

Live Lyrics is coming to the web

Up until now, Live Lyrics has only been available for Apple Music on the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. Now, the company is bringing the feature to its web app.

Today, the company started testing Live Lyrics on the Apple Music web player. Users who want to test out the feature on the browser can, but it is currently limited to the beta version of the web app.

If you want to try out Live Lyrics on the web, head over to the Apple Music beta website.

One of the things that set Apple Music's Live Lyrics apart is that the company generates all of the lyrics itself rather than relying on a third-party service like Spotify. Even better, if you happen to catch an issue with some lyrics, you're actually able to tap and hold on the lyric and report the issue directly to Apple.

Joe Wituschek

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