3 big reasons you should buy an Apple TV instead of a Roku this Black Friday

Apple TV 4K and Siri Remote in front of a TV
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The Apple TV often gets left out of the conversation when it comes to affordable streaming devices. Still, when you toss in Apple lowering the price of its latest model and Black Friday, you get a perfect storm culminating in Apple TV deals that are worth their price.

So, what makes the Apple TV one of the best Apple Black Friday deals to jump on this year — is its versatility. Sure, it's a streaming box that can run apps like any other streaming box or stick, but the Apple TV has some distinct advantages over Roku, making it a gift worth giving this year. 

1. Apple TV can be a gaming console

Apple Arcade on Apple TV

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Apple Arcade is truly a hidden gem on the Apple TV because you can get a library of hundreds of games and easily pair your Apple TV with one of the best gaming controllers. Playing some of the best Apple Arcade games feels like a console experience when you're sitting down in front of the giant screen in your house and

The game catalog is impressive and covers a ton of genres. From straightforward abstract puzzle games to giant RPG adventure games, you'll be able to find the type of games you want to play. It's a perfect little console — especially for kids.   

2. Apple TV is an at-home gym

Apple Fitness Plus Workout On Apple Watch Se

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Apple Fitness Plus is Apple's premiere at-home workout service that is excellent for anyone who likes to work out at home. Following along the guided exercise with fabulous instructors is often the best on a big screen, making the Apple TV the perfect device.

You don't need an Apple Watch to use Fitness+ anymore; as long as you have an iPhone, you are good to go. But if you have an Apple Watch, you can see your workout metrics on the screen as you work out. So whether you have a treadmill, love yoga, or want to focus on strength workouts that require no equipment, Apple Fitness+ has classes for you. 

3. Apple TV is everything Apple

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This should be no surprise, but the Apple TV will fit perfectly with your other devices if you're an Apple user already. Watching a show on your iPad but want to switch it to the big screen? Boom AirPlay it over to your Apple TV and enjoy. Control smart accessories? Use your Apple TV as a Home hub.

While it's not impossible to get these features on other streaming devices — like Roku — in my experience, they always work better running through an Apple TV. That ecosystem is just so valuable when it comes to saving time. 

Look for those Apple TV deals

Apple shocked everyone when they announced that the newest Apple TV 4K (2022) lowered the starting price of the device, but it's the 2021 model you should likely look out for this holiday season.

The Apple TV 4K (2021) is already seeing deep discounts ahead of Black Friday, which might go even lower when the event is upon us. There's also a chance that the newest model seems a slight discount come the big day as well, so keep your eyes peeled for Apple TV deals if you want to score the best price. 


Last year's model at a big discount

The Apple TV 4K (2021) will likely see the biggest discounts this holiday season. It's already only $99 to grab one right now, but it could go even lower by the time Black Friday rolls around.  

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