Apple TV 4K deal sees price plunge for both storage options

Apple TV 4K
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The Apple TV 4k has seen a few discounts recently, with the 32GB receiving all the love. Well, now it's the 64GB version's time to shine, as it also sees its price chopped by $59. That means that while the 32GB remains at its low $119, the 64GB is now $139. 

64GB Apple TV 4K joins the discount fun

Apple TV 4K 32GB & 64GB | $59 off at Amazon

Apple TV 4K 32GB & 64GB | $59 off at Amazon

The Apple TV 4K has had some pretty good discounts for the last few weeks - although it has only been on the smaller 32GB storage option. Now, the 64GB version has received the same $59 discount, so you can buy one for $139 instead of $199.

The Apple TV 4K is not a cheap streaming device, but it is definitely the best way to stream your favorite shows. With discounts like these, it also becomes a far better value, something it struggled with in the past. At $119 the Apple TV 4K 32GB is brought more in line with its competitor from Amazon, the Fire TV Cube. Over that device you'll get better surround sound support, and, if it bothers you, a distinct lack of Amazon's Alexa in your living room.

Those aren't the only reasons to opt for the Apple TV 4K. The remote that comes in the box is a hefty aluminum beast, with a simple layout and, much like your iPhone, a lightning connector for charging. The UI of the Apple TV is one of the best, simple and clean, and it's super slick in response to clicks as well.

That's because it uses the A12 chip from older iPhones, and it's perfect for a streaming box. It might not be the best at playing Apple Arcade games anymore, unfortunately, but it's still a solid little performer. Just remember to grab some of the best speakers for Apple TV - your TV speakers won't do it justice. For the best experience, bundle in an Apple TV+ subscription as well, and then watch Severance. We can't tell you how excited we are for Severance season 2.

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