Ted Lasso cast and Joe Biden team up to promote the importance of mental health

Ted Lasso
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Ted Lasso and a small contingent of the AFC Richmond crew are going to the White House to meet Joe and Linda Biden to talk about the importance of mental health.

Reported by Variety, confirmed by Apple, and initially tweeted out by the president himself, the Oval Office has received the characteristic 'Believe' sign over the door – although the President seems better at making the sign straight than the loveable Ted.

Ted Lasso and its warm-hearted comedy and optimistic message have gathered many fans to Apple TV Plus, and its third season has managed to creep into the streaming charts against stiff competition

Ted lasso en route to D.C

One of the key themes of Ted Lasso is its emphasis on mental health, and how different people deal with it. From Ted's divorce to the players overcoming their own issues, there is a strong emotional core that discusses the topic with delicacy and humor. It's ignited discussions on the topic, and now it seems like the discussion has reached one of the most prestigious offices of all. It may not be a football changing room, but there's still a lot to talk about.

As Ted Lasso now comes into its final season, fans can start to wonder what their favorite characters will get up to in the last few episodes. Maybe they won't reach the White House in the show, but there are bound to be some more emotional episodes as AFC Richmond are reunited with old rivals and friends turned bitter alike. With important discussions being ignited from the show, it's clear that its core message of optimism and acceptance is being noticed and talked about.

This year has some of the best Apple TV plus shows yet, including Ted Lasso. But if you're not interested in the escapades of the friendly Ted and his crew, then there is plenty more to watch on Apple's TV streaming platform. 

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