Netflix launches Profile Transfer to get freeloaders off your account

Profile Transfer on Netflix
Netflix's new Profile Transfer feature (Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix continues to drive forward into a future where EVERYONE PAYS.

As reported by Variety, Netflix has launched Profile Transfer, a new feature that lets existing users on a multi-user account transfer their user profile to a new account. According to the report, a user's personalized recommendations, viewing history, My List, and saved games will all transfer to the new account.

On Monday, Netflix is launching Profile Transfer, a feature that lets anyone on an existing account migrate their profile to a brand-new account while preserving all of their personalized recommendations, viewing history, My List, saved games and other settings.

Profile Transfer, which Netflix says has been “much requested” by customers, will roll out to all members worldwide starting Monday. Users will be notified by email when Profile Transfer becomes available on their account.

It's time to boot your ex off your account

Netflix says that the feature was designed to accommodate people who may want to transfer their profile to a new account without having to start back from scratch. So, you can safely boot your ex to their own account without them losing their years of watch history.

In announcing the wide availability of the feature, Netflix said it’s intended to accommodate various life events, such as people moving out of a household or relationships ending, without forcing them to rebuild a profile from scratch. But it’s also a way to encourage Netflix viewers who have been mooching off someone else’s account (and aren’t in the same household) to turn legit.

What the feature is really there for is a predecessor for when the company starts charging everyone for sharing their password. The company is testing the price increase in some countries already and plans to roll it out to everyone soon. 

So, if your family and friends have been mooching off your account, get ready to pay extra for them. Or, with Profile Transfer, send them on their way!

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