Nanoleaf's Smarter Kit works with HomeKit to give you voice controlled lighting

If you're already intrigued by the possibilities of HomeKit, a new lighting kit from startup Nanoleaf may be worth a look. The Nanoleaf Smarter Kit, which just launched on Indiegogo, is a HomeKit-connected smart light kit that allows you to control your lights through a central hub and Siri voice control.

Inside the kit, there's a central hub that can support up to 50 bulbs, along with 2 bulbs to get you started. In addition to being able to control your lights with your voice through Siri, you can customize your setup with the Nanoleaf Smarter app. Inside of the app, you can set up different "scenes," which are preset settings for dimming and more. Simply ask Siri to set your scene, and the lights will dim or brighten to your settings.

Additionally, both the lights and the hub feature a pretty attractive angular, black design that actually looks pretty good. If you're interested in backing the Nanoleaf Smarter Kit, you can read more and back the project on Indiegogo now.

Source: Indiegogo

Dan Thorp-Lancaster