Apple iPhone Privacy AdSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Apple's new YouTube ad focuses on user privacy.
  • "Privacy. That's iPhone – Oversharing" shows people going about their lives, shouting out private information.
  • It's a typical Apple ad. Funny, but to the point.

Apple has a new ad on YouTube today with the main focus being user privacy and the way iPhone helps to protect it. "Privacy. That's iPhone – Oversharing" runs for a little more than a minute, but that's more than enough to get the point across.

Through that time we watch multiple people going about their days as they shout personal and private information at people. One shouts their heart rate at people as they run, while another tells everyone their credit card number.

Some things shouldn't be shared. That's why iPhone is designed to help give you control over your information and protect your privacy.

It's easy to see what Apple is getting at here, with the suggestion being that other phones share your information – even information that should remain private. Apple says iPhone doesn't do that. It's an advertising campaign Apple has used repeatedly in recent years and it's one that it's unlikely to drop any time soon.