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What you need to know

  • Apple's latest Developer Spotlight is about the people behind Halide Mark II.
  • Halide is a pro camera app that makes use of Apple's new iPhone cameras and features.

The popular pro iPhone camera app Halide Mark II is the latest app to get the Apple Developer Spotlight treatment, with Ben Sandofsky, Sebastiaan de With, and Rebecca Slatkin all involved.

Available on the Apple developer website, the spotlight explains what makes Halide Mark II so popular while asking questions of all involved with the app.

Halide Developer Spotlight ArtSource: Apple

Alongside iOS developer Rebecca Slatkin, [Ben Sandofsky, Sebastiaan de With] have turned Halide into one of the App Store's most popular pro camera apps, bringing histograms, waveforms, color zebras, and RAW+JPEG capture to all. Spectre Camera, the team's remarkable long-exposure app, was named 2019 iPhone App of the Year.

Halide is arguably the best iPhone camera app in the App Store today and this is a great read. Including a little origin story!

When did you decide to create Halide?

de With: Ben slid into my Twitter DMs back in 2016. We interacted about photo gear and tech, then decided to make an app as a pure passion project. When we launched, I remember my mother saying, "There are a lot of camera apps out there." But Ben and I had to scratch this itch.

You can read the full thing on the Apple developer website now. You can download Halide Mark II from the App Store, too.

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