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What you need to know

  • A new Apple TV refresh is said to be coming.
  • The new Apple TV might not come until next year, though.
  • It'll reportedly come with an "upgraded remote" as well.

A new report claims that Apple is working on a refreshed Apple TV box alongside a new, "upgraded" remote control.

Part of a Bloomberg report that also included iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods news, the Apple TV info is good in one way but potentially disappointing in another. Here's what Bloomberg has to say.

Apple has also been developing a new Apple TV box with a faster processor for improved gaming and an upgraded remote control, however that device might not ship until next year, according to people familiar with its development. The company is working on a feature for the new remote similar to Find My iPhone that would make the TV accessory easier to find.

The news that Apple intends to make it easier to find our lost Apple TV remotes is good for obvious reasons. But there's no mention of Apple making the remote more likable. Or more usable. Just, generally, less hateful.

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The current Siri Remote is universally accepted to be one of the worst remotes still used in 2020. It looks great and it's small – too small, really – but it's impossible to tell its orientation without looking at it. And even glancing at it funny is enough to make it skip forward in a video when you least expect it to.

I really don't like the Siri Remote.

Beyond the remote, the news the Apple TV will get faster internals shouldn't be a surprise considering the importance of Apple Arcade to the company's services revenue. But that remote, Apple. Please fix it next time around.