Apple Magsafe Battery PackSource: u/stevnrussell

What you need to know

  • The first real-world images of the MagSafe Battery Pack show that it might be chunkier than some imagined.
  • A Redditor was able to walk into their local Apple Store and buy the charger.

Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack has begun to become available in some Apple Stores, with one Redditor walking into the Memphis, Tennessee store and buying one. Their photos are the first real-world images we've seen of the new battery pack.

According to Redditor u/stevnrussell, the battery pack itself is made from a hard, smooth plastic which isn't what many had expected. I for one expected a soft finish similar to the Apple silicone cases, but alas that isn't the case. On the positive side, we're told that the MagSafe magnets are "VERY" strong, ensuring that people shouldn't need to worry about the battery pack falling off their iPhone during use.

The images do appear to make the battery pack look rather chunky, although I suspect that's just the zoomed-in nature of the photos at work. The battery pack doesn't appear any thicker than an iPhone with a case on, for example.

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Apple Magsafe Battery Pack AngledSource: u/stevnrussell

Apple hasn't shared its own side-in photos, nor has it given us any dimensions that could give us an idea of what this thing might look like in real life. These images do give us a good idea however, and may or may not be enough to convince people to pick up the $99 battery pack.

Not so keen on the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack? There are tons of third-party MagSafe portable batteries to be had, too. All designed for iPhone 12 and, presumably, iPhone 13 as well.