The new MacBook is for a lot of people, even if it's not for you

My mom has used computers before, from the Apple II to the Amiga to the Performa to the iMac. But she's never wanted one before. Since she started using the iPad in 2011, she's barely even looked at one. Now she wants the new MacBook, the same one that has some outlets denouncing it as a "betrayal" or a "bad value". What's causing the difference in reactions?


Some people look at products and find what's for them. In the new MacBook, my mom found a simple, beautiful computer that would suit both her tastes and needs. There's only one port, so she'll never have to wonder what goes where, and a processor that skews more towards power-efficiency than high-end performance suits the web browsing, email, and writing she wants to do with it. It doesn't upset her that there's also a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro on the market, because she's happy she found the MacBook she wants.

Other people look at products and even if they find one that suits their needs, they get upset about the ones that don't. They see a single port or a choice of chipset or the cost of tomorrow's technology today and, despite the MacBook Air having more ports and the MacBook Pro having other chipsets, and both still being on the shelves, they're angry the alternative exists. Either because they'd want it if it were different in some way, or because they fear it will somehow threaten what they already have.

It's understandable. The floppy went away, the optical drive is all but gone, Firewire is fading even as an adapter, and Thunderbolt is settling into the high-end. Just like with the original iMac, and the original MacBook Air, and the all new Mac Pro, the MacBook is an evolution, a change, and change is stressful.

The good news is that the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro aren't going anywhere any time soon. Apple just updated both with Intel's latest Broadwell chipsets, and the 13-inch MacBook Pro got the same Force Touch Trackpad as the new MacBook.

I recently switched from a 13-inch MacBook Air to a 13-inch MacBook Pro because I found I needed to do more Final Cut Pro X video, at a faster rate, than the Air allowed. I was happy with the Air. I'm happy with the Pro. They each suit different needs, and suit me as my needs change.

Now that the new MacBook is out, I'm absolutely going to try it and it might well be the next perfect machine for me. If not, the technology Apple is bringing to market with it will continue to make its way into the rest of the line, meaning better battery life, better interactivity, and better experience regardless of the next perfect machine for me ends up being.

Same for my mom. She may end up getting her first MacBook, or she might stick with the iPad Air. Either way, she now feels like she has more options than she did before. She feels empowered.

That's why I don't begrudge that the other MacBooks, including the new MacBook, exist. I take comfort in it. I value it. I value that Apple is widening its addressable market to people who might want a computer that's as light and portable as a tablet without being fused with one. And I like that Apple is once again dragging the industry forward — is once again skating to where the laptop is going to be.

That also makes it valuable. Maybe another MacBook seems like a better deal to some, and that's fine. For others, the lightness, the display quality, the new keyboard, the new trackpad, the new colors, the fanless design, or a combination of a few or several of those features, makes it a great deal because it's all available now, today. They're not basing their decision on the relative cost of the silicon, but on the overall value of the technology.

If someone doesn't like the new MacBook, that's great! Get a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. If they don't like that the new MacBook exists, however, they need to get a grip. Because there are lots of people who will.

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Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • Beautiful machine and I know people will flock to it. Life it too short to always worry about having the "latest" gadget with the best specs. Buy the machine you want and enjoy it, thats all that matters.
  • It is the "Latest" Gadget with the best spec. Great battery and high resolution combined with extreme portability are also specs.
  • best spec? ..ooook
  • Best specs??? Hmmm. Let's see, it does not have the capabilities of a full blown pc or laptop, it doesn't have a touch screen and you have to pay $80 for a device if you want ports. I'd say the surface 3 has this beat by a long shot. It's has full pc / laptop capabilities, it can be a tablet or a laptop, it has a touch screen and a kick butt pen and the surface 4 is right around the corner.
  • The new MacBook is an iPad attached to a keyboard, no matter how blogs want to spin it. And for this price, it should miss all of its intended targets. But people will buy it because it's shiny.
  • I have to ask, does the new MacBook Pro still have the soldered in RAM and the non-clicky pressure-sensitive trackpad? That's what will hold me back from upgrading. I have a Late '11 edition MacBook Pro which I love using, even if it is old and laggy. And I'm planning to upgrade to 8GB RAM on my laptop (with i5, got a Core i3 tablet with 4GB RAM, and will upgrade my desktop to i7 with 16GB RAM). I do like being able to upgrade certain components. That's all. Heck, my tablet lets me change the hard drive, battery, and WiFi/mobile broadband adapters. It gives a sense of upgradeability and that it won't quickly become obsolete.
  • Well companies on all platforms are moving towards designs that are requiring you to buy what you think you may need tomorrow, not just today. Not a perfect world, but it is what is.
  • 2011 macbook pro shouldnt feel old or laggy. Thats what i use and even tho im sure i will want the new macbook pro, i know my current will still be running great. It runs like the day it was new. Better actually, with more ram and ssd.
    But to your question, i dont recall hearing current mac pros had soldered ram. Sent from the iMore App
  • Ah trust me, plenty of times when my MBP has shown its age somewhat. That said, it has 4GB RAM currently so maybe that's bottlenecking it. Do love my Mac, and possibly gonna replace the display module too to squeeze an extra 4-5 years out of it. Though would love those new features in Yosemite that my MBP can't get!
  • Oh, absolutely 4gb is slowing you down. I consider 8gb a minimum for interacting with Mavericks/Yosemite. My 2011 MBP has 16gb. It's overkill, but it's niiiiiiice. I'm just concerned that these new systems don't allow for _any_ kind of aftermarket upgrades. I replaced the original spinning 512gb drive for a 1TB SSD. This system should last me another 2 years minimum before it starts feeling slow.
  • Maxing out the Ram and sticking an SSD in a 2011 Pro will have it feeling brand new. I have an old 2008 black MacBook with SSD and max ram that I have to my mom that still feels smooth with no lag. Sent from the iMore App
  • OS X basically needs 8GB RAM and SSD to perform well. With Mechanical Hard Drives the Loading Times are Excessive compared to how swiftly Windows Loads and Runs applications. Without 8GB RAM, you will bottleneck the system there, especially when Multi-Tasking. Apple Charges a premium for RAM and to move to SSD or get more SSD Storage (HD to 240GB Intel SSD Upgrade in my Notebook last night, $100), so it's something that really cat surprise some people when they opt for the lowest SKU so they can have something "name brand" and then discover it performs worse than their friend's $500 Acer Laptop in Real World Use.
  • Agreed! I tire of the people who complain when in reality, they aren't the target. As for the new Macbook... for me it's a bit high price wise but I could see buying it for one of my daughters as eldest is entering high school (or as a first machine for college.) The form factor is nice, campuses around here have invested in wireless. It once again, imo, is a great student machine.
  • I would say that it is decent for some students. Most would be better served by a MacBook Pro 13 though, or even an air. Overall I'm impressed with the engineering, but unimpressed with the price. I have to admit that it is a beautiful machine, just not much more powerful than a netbook or chrome book. Sent from the iMore App
  • Students? Students need the entry level 13" Air! Sent from the iMore App
  • A Student should get a decent Mid Range Windows Laptop, Customized down to the lowest RAM and HDD Specs they can find. Then go to Best Buy and Self-Upgrade it to 8GB+ RAM ($50) and a 240GB Intel or Samsung SSD Drive ($100). Use the money you save for books, food, transportation, a vacation, whatever.
  • Price will come down over time, always does. Don't ever get 'hung' on introduction pricing. Apple usually prices high then drops price incrementally over the months/years. They've done this with iMacs, MacBooks, iPads, iPhones.. shoot.. the 1st gen iPhone was nearly $1k when first released. People actually COMPLAINED when Apple dropped the price ($600?) a few months later. LOL That was 7 years ago too, $1k was crazy talk for a phone. Apple gave partial refunds of course, but still.. funny.
  • Apple doesn't change their prices much. Even their holiday discounts are laughable. $50 off a ~$1,000 computer. The MBA did come down $100, but that's only because it's actually facing some decent competition from cheaper Windows Ultrabooks now, which have switched to using similar internals and therefore aren't at such an out of the box disadvantage. Those Windows Ultrabooks are now offering better performance than an Air, better battery life than an Air, better screens than an Air. And with Microsoft's new spec for the Touch Pads, that's even very usable on them now (Windows Touch Pads were literally unusable before that, especially if you ever touched a MacBook and then went back). The only thing that is really enviable about Apple's Laptops are the track pads and the Web Cams (something a lot of people don't seem to look out for, until they have to make a Video Call and discover it's terrible :-P ). Their trackpads are flipping incredible. Can't say enough about them, it's like using a smartphone screen!
  • The folks who complained were those who spent 1k. The folks who were buying it at 600 were not complaining that they wanted to spend 1k. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • For a high school student's use, I'd buy the least expensive computer that gets the job done. I want to minimize risk to my child from theft. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • I'm a student and I could never justify paying $1300 for the new MacBook. I can't even see myself using it. This might be powerful enough to write papers with, but not much else. We use our computers for more than just word processing.
  • My thoughts exactly. I know that personally for my needs & budget (really more for budget as I just got a MBP last month), the MacBook is not for me. The fact that so many people are all bent out of shape over a device that is not in the Apple target market for the MacBook is actually pretty funny. People complaining that is does not have a touch screen, or that Apple has a lower res webcam. Stop, just stop. The MacBook is not for you. The Air or Pro is for you. The fact that it is down to just one port is fine as well. Because if the battery life is as good as it is supposed to be, you can still this device is for. If you do presentations, your file should already be on the device or easily accessible from your online storage. "But what if I need to charge it to get through my presentation?" I would suggest better time management & personal preparation. You did plug in to charge it last night to be prepared for today right? Like I said, if I had the budget I would be ordering myself a Space Gray model to roll with my new MBP. But since I value a device with power over a device designed for people with needs other than myself, I do not see this as a device for myself. If I need something extremely light & portable, I always have my Surface Pro 3 that will get nearly most of my travel needs taken care of without an issue. For everything else, I'll tag in the MBP.
  • Brilliant reply, Kevin! So what is there to complain about, that Apple is adding another choice to a limited-choice lineup? Ah, yes, now I get it - some people just need SOMETHING to complain about. Hey, how about the Red Wings losing against the Bruins? They aren't having a great season...
  • Good article ... and Apple have done it again ....
  • It seems the ideal "carry around" Mac for people who write, like students or reporters, that beautiful retina display is just the thing for visual artists and photographers. I'm calling THIS the new iPad Pro, with the portability and retina display of an iPad yet the full power of a real Mac. If that USB C port is a problem for you, get a $19.00 USB 3 adapter to charge your iPhone and whatnot. No MagSafe power plug? Well, the Lightning cord isn't MagSafe either. With all-day battery life, just recharge it in the evening in an out-of-the-way place. No glowing Apple logo? It's just like the ones on your iPhone and iPad and helps to announce the extreme power efficiency. I'm tempted, but my 13" non-retina MacBook Pro weighs only slightly more than twice as much and is only slightly more that twice as fast and is still the most upgradeable laptop Apple sells. It has half-a-dozen ports besides the MagSafe power port, most of which I never use. I'll wait for a few more generations of Intel chips before I choose to replace this one.
  • What if you're somewhere where there isn't WiFi but there's a Wired Connection? Buy a $20 Ethernet Plug for that. What if you need HDMI Out? Buy a $20 Plug for that. What if you need USB? Yep, buy a $20 Plug for that. Next thing you know, you're running around with 3-5 ugly, gangly plugs for different things. That's part of the reason people hate it. And at the end of it, you've paid like $2-300 for plus (because we know some of those are as much as $80).
  • Then don't buy it, it is obviously not for you. But do you have to hate it - really?
    I cannot afford to drive a Bentley or a Ferrari, but I don't hate them, I admire them for what they are, my small Mitshubisi does what I need and is fine for me. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I'm not sure where you got "hate" from. It's pretty sad when a company's device "isn't for you" because they took all the useful ports off of it and replaced it with a niche port so they can sell you more overpriced dongles. Do you not see the fairly obvious issue here, or are you not done losing your mind trying to "defend" it (all criticism is hate and must be defended against, apparently).
  • You said that's why people hate it. I am not trying to defend the product because it is not for me. I use a computer, Windows OS, all day at work. When I get home my iPad and my phone satisfy all my computing needs nowadays. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • That's what they are trying to do - change people's perspective, instead of loading a ton of features into the ipad soon they will be able to say it does almost everything that a MacBook does. If I remember correctly 1st gen Air was underpowered/overpriced and had only 1 USB port (they quickly upgraded it with sd card etc.), the world wasn't ready for it then but now ? Maybe.
  • Plugging in a GamePad and Charging your Phone on the same Notebook isn't exactly a niche use case... I don't need a wall plug for my iPhone. I have my Notebook plugged into the wall, why should I use up another spare Plug for a Phone, when I can just plug it into my PC. And why should I need a USB Hub to plug in 2-3 peripherals into one Notebook computer. The MBA was as bad as this is, just a more interoperable port on it (that's what's pissing people off, not only is it still at a huge lack for ports, but the port is not even interoperable and will force them to spend more on an already overpriced device). I returned mine after 1 day, kept my Dell Notebook (upgraded to SSD, this thing flies now), and got a 2.6GHz iMac instead. Apple is obsessed with thin, but they're making bad concessions on the way there. I had an iPad Air 2 that I returned after 2 days because "thin is in" and as a result it vibrated like a freight train overtime the device emitted sound. Very uncomfortable if you're holding it and watching a YouTube video, or using it while listening to music with it...
  • You sound like a broken record.
  • Speaking strictly for myself, computers are supposed to be versatile. Limiting them artificially is counterintuitive, and not in a good way. Granted, unlike iOS devices, there are other Macbooks (let's see how long that lasts). Even though Apple will be nickel and diming her for those adapters, that should have been included (at least), nonetheless.... "Hurray for Rene's Mom!" (no sarcasm intended for your mother). God bless her! But....please don't hold me back. Keep the other models full featured (and user upgradable please).
  • Wow, I have to ask - what's behind the basis for this article? The headline presumes that there are a significant number of people who will not like the new MacBook. I admit I've become an Apple Fanboy, and the new MacBook is an amazing work of art cum engineering. But the underlying presumption that droves of "Mac lovers" will not like this machine just blows my mind! What's not to like? 30.48 cm instead of 33 cm display? "Too" light (half the weight of my son's 1-month-old MacBook Pro Retina)? Are there really a bunch of people who say they don't like the new MacBook? And if so, why? I'm curious. Because pretty much everything that Schiller talked about, made me drool.
  • I would add, I don't see this as a replacement for the MacBook Pro. The Air, maybe. The Pro has 2 (larger) sizes targeted at power users, and they will probably remain, and inherit more features than just the new Touchpad from the new MacBook.
  • You've missed the major issue with the item. It's small. It's light, and has no fan. There is a cost to this. (Processing power) 1.1GHz dual-core Intel Core M processor , up to 2.4GHz. It's not very powerful so while it seems it's fine for retna anything cpu intensive will be painfully slow. Doing video encoding, games, Photoshop and things like that. Most people who don't read this kind of site usually just surf, write things like emails and basic things that even a Google Chromebook is good at. For many people this is a great machine especially if you have a desktop computer for the 5 % of times you need it. Only problem is that if you have a good smartphone and tablet and a laptop already then you probably don't need this. You can get it if you want but it's going to be 2 to 4 years before a fan less processor can be as fast as a current high end macbook air. Until then this will get better and more capable every new version.
  • Whenever someone doesn't like something Apple does, Rene and Serenity (chiefly, but not only) run to the blogs to make a post telling people why "it's fine if it's just 'not for you,' but it's for someone else."
  • I think that (at least in the case) they're right. This laptop is obviously not targeted towards power users. It has some underpowered specs and has only one port. This is for the people who never plug anything in and use their Mac for things like browsing the web or doing email. That's what they'd mean when they say that this isn't for you. That's like hating the 32 he iPhone because you need more storage than that. Sent from the iMore App
  • I don't know if you listened to the latest iMore podcast (I'm listening right now btw), but I couldn't have explained it better. The MacBook is a complete and total redesign, and so is introduced at a low end, to introduce the technology that will become mainstream in the next few years. USB C, battery, new system board, etc.
  • How do you hook it up to an Apple Thunderbolt Display? You, know Apple's own display? The one they sell?
  • You can't. They have no $50 adapter for that.
  • Can this processor even drive an external display? Sent from the iMore App
  • Buy an ipad if you want to surf the internet and go on facebook... Sent from the iMore App
  • I don't need to spend a grand for a computer with not many apps and too much simplicity. And I need more CPU power. I like HP laptops. A laptop has never been heavy for me and theirs are great quality. Posted via iMore App
  • I prefer Dell. Less bloat ware and (much) better support. Better build on their Mid to Upper Notebooks as well :-) But yea, the app situation on is a bit depressing compared to Windows, unless you use the average staple of Pro Apps or done mind paying more for apps that ony do a third of what Windows Apps which cost less do....
  • Of course your mom is rich. To afford this new MacBook to just read emails and web around. Makes sense.
  • I don't like it. The new MacBook is not practical. For people who use their laptop as their PRIMARY machine who use various devices and cords that one port is useless. Why would I want to be required to buy an adapter just to use this usb C. Apples obsession with making "the thinnest and lightest" everything cause them to put out a machine that idk who would buy.
  • Leave it to Mr.Rene to defend any Apple product, if it's great or not. Though I love the MacBook and might buy one for casual browsing.
  • Leave it to you to bash Rene as being an apple defender even though you agree with what he just wrote. Sent from the iMore App
  • This is far too reasonable and sensible an article for a Tech site. And it's about real people too instead of straw men and techno-dweebs. The horror!
  • "instead of straw men and techno-dweebs". Straw men I can agree with, techno-dweebs? I don't think you object to doctors being in a hospital. Do you?
  • Kinda, yes. Don't like doctors much. And IMO the value of a tech site is determined by how many "real" (non-techno-dweebs) go there. So the more mums and dads the better. Speaking as a techno-dweeb myself, the problem with techno-dweebs is they see everything through the same lens although I try to be different.
  • Well then, let me help you with different. Should you break a leg, heaven forbid, we'll bring you to the beauty parlor to set it...
  • I love the new MacBook and would buy one in a second.....if my 2008 Macbook wasn't still working perfectly. Damn Macs last too long. Lol.
    I'm one of the people that this laptop suits perfectly. When I saw that it only had one port, I thought about it and realized that I can't even think of a scenario where I need more than one port. Sent from the iMore App
  • It's a beautiful, metal, gold, $1300 netbook. It is entirely not practical, it doesn't even compare well to Apple's own lineup. But it looks cool as hell. Gotta give it to Apple, they are a marketing MACHINE. I wonder what you would say, Rene, if any other PC maker came out with a ONE port laptop that isn't even compatible with its own top-of-the line displays, without an expensive adapter.
  • Are "straw man" arguments a specialty where you went to journalism school?
  • Despite pundit claims to the contrary, the new MacBook is clearly *not* an upgrade of the MacBook Air. Even though it has brilliant new features such as the "tactic" trackpad and "butterfly" keys, the "M" processor is significantly less powerful than i5 in the least capable MBA. Existing MacBook users would be sorely disappointed if they replaced their current notebooks with the new device. Although Apple hasn't said so, I think the new MacBook is intended as an entry level computer for those who have never used a Mac but have a fondness the iPhone and iPad. People in this category won't miss peripherals, they've never had them. The retina screen will be completely familiar to those whose only prior Apple hardware has been iOS devices. The trackpad and keyboard advances will make their way into the existing MacBook line. I'll be happy to have them when it's time to replace my 11-inch Air.
  • Sounds like I'm one of these newcomers. I love my iPhone and I really love iOS and would like to pair my iPhone with a MacBook. The question is if this is the one to choose if I want retina, light weight! And the color choices is appealing. And finally; I'll just go for simple causal usage! Sent from the iMore App
  • believe it or not the new features I'm most excited about are the all metal hinge and space grey color!
  • This is the first Macbook that has my interest. I tend to use PC's and my last laptop was a Dell. Currently I use an iPad for personal tasks, and an HP desktop on a shared computer at work. I've actually been very satified with the iPad and I'll wait for the iPad pro (if it's real). It's funny, but I actually prefer a touchscreen keyboard now. I'm as fast on a touch screen as a physical keyboard. I just want Apple to add arrows keys and home/end buttons.
  • Why wouldn't you buy a MBAir? Someone please tell me. Sent from the iMore App
  • I need usb ports and hdmi ports and other ports. For the weak specs it offers the price is way too much. Yes, it might look "cool" being an apple product, thinner, lighter, and also gold but I could care less about that.
  • Not everyone needs all these ports. I have a Bluetooth keyboard that connects to my phone and iPad, and a wireless printer/scanner that works with both phone and iPad. I also have a media share device that allows me to connect a USB hard drive over WiFi. And if I need to output via HDMI, I can use a Chromecast or Apple TV to stream wirelessly. The future of computing is without cables. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Does anyone know what font does use for the desktop version?
  • From what I can tell, they are using Camptonlight, 18px.
  • At the same price as the pro with better specs. No thank you. The pro and the Air are already super light. But I do see that its marketed for people who don't care about specs, want a great display, and do light tasks. Oh and those who can get buy with an iPad + keyboard. Regardless it'll sell. I'd never buy it or recommend it. Gold looks crisp though.
  • Here, here, Rene! I think it is crazy gorgeous!
  • I'm still upset at Ford for creating the Mustang. How am I supposed to get my four kids in that tiny backseat? And it is more expensive than a F150 with half the functionality!
  • I've no doubt Apple will sell millions. And for those who want it, that's fine. It's not for me though. And it's not something I'd recommend to those who ask me because I see it as a bad value. I disagree that Apple has simplified anything though. That person may feel relieved to see one port (for some strange reason), but wait til they try to connect it to something. I also don't understand the need for getting as thin a laptop as possible or what is attractive about it. A light laptop I understand.
  • i just bought the mac book pro 15" =( so as cool as this looks its gonna be a while before i upgrade...
  • Your mom is a legend at :-) The only possible addition is, some people might need LTE connectivity with that so they don't even have to think about ISPs and routers.
  • People are upset of the new MacBook because of its price in relation to its lack of features. They cheapen the device by putting in the less powerful Core M and took away all but one port. Who wants a less powerful machine with adapters hanging out of it? Apple played a similar trick to take advantage of consumers with the iPad mini 3 who's only differences between it and the iPad mini 2 are Touch ID, a gold option, and a $100 price increase. Being lighter and adding color options does not justify the price point of the MacBook. Especially considering it is priced the same as the MacBook Pro. Sent from the iMore App
  • So for causal usage, like web surfing, writings mail/messages and maybe handling iMovie etc (multiple windows open) this new MacBook is ok? I might buy this one, I like the Retina and the Space grey and the light weight, I just hope it can handle the basic usage enough! I don't have and never had a Laptop before, so to speak^^! Sent from the iMore App
  • If I like it after trying it and after benchmarks are reported, this new Macbook will become a second satellite computer to my fully tricked out late 2013 iMac. I need the portability for roughing out music ideas in a score editor that the iPad just doesn't handle well. And that it will be a decent mobile computer for light tasks and Keynote presentations doesn't hurt either. The Macbook as my only computer? No. A highly portable and workable machine in addition to my workhorse? Absolutely. I expect it to up my skills in doing things wirelessly which is likely the coming thing anyway. And retina. I want that on all things. Light, reasonably capable, highly portable, and the iMac for the real heavy lifting. This fits for me.
  • Sorry, Rene. I just can't get on board with you on this one. I guess if your mom has $1299 of disposable income (before taxes, AppleCare, and any other accessories she may want or need), then I guess that's cool for her. If all she's doing is web browsing, emailing, and writing, I think it's crazy to spend that much money. It's pretty clear that Apple has fully embraced being a "luxury tech" company. And that's fine for the people who have the disposable income to drop on products like this. $650 for a phone with 16GB of storage (actually more like 11GB out of the box). $349 for the lowest-end watch. $1300 for a moderately-specced laptop. I can't afford Apple anymore. And that's okay. They are targetting a group of people that I just don't fall into. That's why I'm very glad there are other options out there!
  • On balance new Chrome pixel offers 32 GB SSD - $999 and 64 GB SSD - $1299 (But rest good specs ) How about this ?
    It seems from here we have to spend minimum $900 to buy up coming models and no matter in arguing. I believe that up coming Windows 10 notebooks will be priced same.
  • The new MacBook is basically a blending of an iPad and a MacBook Air. Consider it a power-user's iPad running OSX. Nothing wrong with that if it is useful to you. For me, I need more ports, so a new Air is in my future!
  • Not knocking you Rene for writing this but the fact that you HAD to write this is crazy because people are being ridiculous about this non-issue. I swear they act like  ripped the damned MBAs and MBPs off the shelves and left us with nothing but this new MacBook. It's hard to look at it and say that it may fortell an end to one of the other lines in the future but that like reading tea leaves. The point is that the other two lines are not only alive and well, but also got some upgrades. Bottom line people, stay calm and keep computing!
  • Yeah its for people that buy beach front property in Arizona
  • Sure, this new MacBook isn't for me - the fairly tech savvy video pro. That's why Apple makes more than one product. This is an awesomely designed laptop, I honestly think it's great for Students, Writers, and the coffee shop web browsing type. The thing is that by including only one USB-C port, guess who all the people who bought these are going to be calling up when they need to do something with that port beyond charge the laptop? I'll give you one guess...