New MacBook: A rant

Okay, I admit it,I fell for the clickbait yesterday. The one about the new MacBook update being the "year's biggest tech letdown so far". No link — if you simply must give them the page views use Google.

MacBook was never meant to be a Mac for the masses. At launch and in yesterday's press release, Apple's senior vice-president of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller, called the MacBook "our vision for the future of the notebook."

Today's MacBook is the equivalent of the first generation MacBook Air. That Mac launched with less power, fewer ports, and at a higher price-point than their MacBooks of the time. After a few years and revisions, though, it became a breakout product.

MacBook packs a 12-inch Retina display into a footprint roughly equal to an 11-inch MacBook Air, with a fantastic new keyboard and a magical force touch trackpad. (That trackpad is no small feat, by the way, especially in a world where other manufacturers still struggle to match Apple's previous generation technology.)

Oh, and for the technology inside, the new MacBook has a pretty amazing price.

Could the new MacBook benefit from a few features that would make it more palatable to the mass market? Yep. But for now it's targeted at those who want to buy into Apple's vision early and are willing to make some trade offs to do so. And for them — and me — the new MacBook is near perfect.

As for the click bait, it's only relevant to those who expect every single update from Apple to be earthshaking. Which, of course, they never have been.

Not unless you realize the new MacBook just outed the rose gold car. So, pay attention!

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Michael Gartenberg

I’ve covered the personal technology beat for more than two decades at places like Gartner, Jupiter Research and Altimeter Group. I’ve also had the fun of contributing my $.02 on the topic at Computerworld, Engadget, Macworld, SlashGear and now iMore. Most recently I spent a few years at Apple as Sr. Director of Worldwide Product Marketing. On Twitter I’m an unverified @gartenberg. I still own some Apple stock.

  • "And for them — and me — the new MacBook is near perfect." Exactly! I've owned dozens of computers since my first one in 1984, and the MacBook is far and away my favorite. It's never far from my side, because it is so easy to take everywhere.
  • It always amazes me when a new Mac or PC is announced and you get all the vitriol from all over the web.
    Use what works best for you and leave everyone else alone. This new MacBook may not be for me, but guess what, thousands of other people only need this type of processing power, storage, etc. and that's fine. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • "...thousands of other people only need this type of processing power, storage, etc. and that's fine." Knock it by patronisation? Guess that's meant to make it like PCIe SSD is some sort of second rate type of storage? I wouldn't mind some on my workstation.
  • "MacBook was never meant to be a Mac for the masses." You sure? As far as Apple is concerned I think it qualifies more than any other MacBook. The MacBook Pro is more specialized than that as indicated by the "Pro" and it can't be the MacBook Air with its outdated hardware and design (huge bezels mostly). If the new MacBook isn't the MacBook for the masses we have a problem because it means there is no MacBook for the masses at the moment, just one that used to be and one that will be at some point.
  • I think that this is the MacBook for the masses. And it is the MacBook that most appeals to me and what I would need it for. You hear a lot of tech heads and sites complain that it only has one port and is underpowered. Someone like me who wants a REALLY portable laptop with a great screen, build, and solid battery life, the MacBook is perfect. There isn't anything else on the market that can compete with it. For the masses, the one port probably mostly doesn't matter. And the M3, M5, M7 processors are plenty powerful for what the masses would use. We're not converting, editing, etc. tons of 4K video. We're emailing, word processing, watching videos, editing spreadsheets, etc. This is THE laptop to have for the masses.
  • Marketing suffixes and bezels don't define mainstream appeal. The Airs appeals through their low price, portability, and everyday user I/O mix. The 13" MBP w/ Retina is for those willing to spend a few hundred more for the screen, power, more I/O. The 13" legacy MBP served institutions who needed, say, optical discs. Those are Apple's mainstream, "Pretty good at everything" laptops at the moment. Not the 15" Pro and not the MacBook.
  • The 13 inch Retina Macbook Pro is not much more powerful than 12 inch Retina MacBook, both have 2 processor cores. The number of cores matters in multiprocessing. The 15 inch rMBP you disregard has 4 processor cores and the higher end model has an additional 2 GB GPU. Obviously much more powerful than the 13 inch rMBP, and really good at everything.
  • Amen to that! As long as they continue to offer we power users a Macbook Pro like the 15" model, I'm a happy camper.
  • Actually, if we talk about pure performance, even the 11" MBA is more powerful than the MacBook.
  • the 13" pro and the new Macbook both start at $1299.
  • My personal belief is that MacBook is only for the masses that use the cloud for storage and don't do a lot of heavy lifting. Sort of like a Chromebook, but with useful Apps and the ability to do a whole lot more that just surfing the web. And for the most part, the masses do just that--so in that vein yes. However, I think the masses feel uncomfortable with that sort of computer. They want to charge their iPhones and use thumb drives. Most people haven't the slightest clue about networking (even though file sharing is virtually automatic these days) and want to plug in their silly Microsoft or Logitech mouse dongles into USB ports. For these people the MacBook Air exists and these people are truly the masses. More sophisticated users may choose MacBook. Users who have a desktop Mac, as I do, may also choose MacBook, because the heavy duty work is done on the Pro and the big monitor. So to me, MacBook makes a great satellite computer and will probably be my next purchase. I still think, as far as laptops go, the MacBook Pro 13" Retina is one of the best values out there. No uncomfortable lack of ports and great performance--for the more wide-range of "masses." If I didn't love using a desktop so much, it would be my main computer.
  • I think non-Bluetooth mice and keyboards are yesterday's tech. My latest BT mouse is a nice Logitech that was less than $20. Why mess with the stupid dongle thingie? As far as thumb drives, I hardly ever use them anymore. DropBox or email works faster. But I suppose your point might be that the typical user is still in the 90s / 00s thumb drive mode. My dad was still using DVDs for backups a few month ago when we visited. I convinced him to use hard drives +online backup instead. They keep better in my experience.
  • That's exactly what's going on. Look at all of the people who want a mouse on a tablet lol.... Peope are afraid to embrace something new.
  • I was always told that one could point to things with one's digits while using touch screens! :-0
  • Me too lol...but that doesn't prevent people from wanting a mouse Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I was happily using my MacBook keyboard and touchpad when I decided try a desktop Keyboard. Typing was much more comfortable. Then I decided to try a mouse. Guess what? It was quicker and and more precise than the touchpad. I swop between the two modes depending where I am and how portable I need to be. But I do notice when the mouse with its wheel scrolling and left and right clicks isn't available.
  • I agree that it fulfills all the requirements needed by the non technical computer buyers i know. However this seems one of those rare times that Apple considers reality. Type-C cannot to be considered common place yet. Even non technical people need to connect to thumb drives and printers. Even with a network most places require technical assistance to connect to a printer. The Macbook Air is for masses that require a lightweight laptop that they can plug in today. Realistically, it may be another two to five years before the Macbook can be truly for the masses.
  • I just bought a new Canon Pixma. Setup is easy, including connecting the printer to my WIFI. Why bother with a USB cable anymore. If nothing else, having it plugged into your laptop makes the laptop a lot harder to move around. But let's say the hypothetical computer owner is clueless about wireless home networking. Well, my Pixma can automatically create an ad-hoc network between printer and computer. I haven't had a printer hooked up to a computer with a cable in years.
  • The MacBook fulfills the requirements of many highly technical users. If your job is highly mobile—lots of airports, lots of airplanes—involves a lot of typing in a text editor or in the terminal, with data stored in the Cloud, on a server, or in GitHub, and particularly if you already have a desktop machine (or three), this is the ideal tool. That's the position I am in, and the 12" MacBook is the best productivity tool Apple has given me in years.
  • This article is basically click bait. I was expecting more given the authors credentials
  • True. I have yet to see one substantial in depth article from him yet. Considering all the hype around his hire. I'm disappointed. Sent from the iMore App
  • I've yet to see one from him where he doesn't make some sort of dumb statement. His latest is that this isn't a the Macbook for the masses. What is? They've already been on sale for 999. This is the macbook air retina for them simplified with one port. It doesn't get any more for the masses than this. Like you, I was looking forward to seeing what he could do. Finally iMore gets a guy with a business background. Too bad he's a joke.
  • Much welcome! So wow.
  • I completely agree. I thought iMore was above these types of "filler" articles.
  • Really? What about the "this is how you use the home button on iPhone" type articles? Sent from the iMore App
  • hahaha that's funny! okay okay, iMore has some useful How-To's, most of them are for beginners and a few are a little more advanced. But when we tech-wise individuals see the headline for these simple instructions, we can pass over them, and be aware of their existence for those time relatives and co-workers ask a simple or moderately complicated problem. You should be grateful!
  • The only unmet expectation I had from this second-gen MacBook was the 480p camera. Hardly the most important feature on a laptop, but still sad considering my MBP from 2012 does 720. Otherwise, I didn't expect Core i processors or a redesigned I/O selection. Otherwise this is a fantastic machine for those wanting ultimate portability. I'll still wait and see how this compares to anything debuting at WWDC, but it's my top upgrade candidate right now!
  • It should have gotten a second USB-C port. As I'd is now, in order to do literally ANYTHING, and charge you need a dongle. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I've used the webcam on my 5K iMac maybe twice, only to keep my 1yo occupied with Photobooth while I wrapped up something. I use the trackpad every single time I use the iMac. If I needed a Mac laptop, I would much rather have that stellar trackpad than a 4K-3D webcam.
  • I don't think anyone is suggesting you have to choose one or the other. I think they are saying that for a $1300 laptop, that a low res WebCam is a very odd compromise. And Yeah, I have to agree. I'm not going to say that a WebCam is super important, But I do make the occasional FaceTime call, and I find the fact that this has a 480p Webcam, laughable. Considering, apple's past pedigree with webcams.
  • I think they compromised on that for the same reason they dropped the light up apple logo, to keep the lid thin
  • I too think that is the only aspect that's a tad disappointing. I use my MacBook Pro's webcam about 2-3 times a month and having a 720p camera is nicer especially since it isn't near as grainy as the one in the current MacBook. Other than that, I'm fine with the single port (just buy an adapter and be done, you'd still have to buy an adapter as there aren't many devices that use a USB Type C connector anyway), the performance (it can smoothly play 4K 60fps content), the form factor, and the battery life.
  • This device isn't perfect either. 480p FaceTime camera on a device that costs $1300 is a legitimate complaint. I also don't see an issue with eliminating the headphone jack and substituting it for a second USB type C port. That might be more useful in the long run given the eventual change to using USB Type C in lieu of a headphone jack for most headphones.
  • Enough with the Rose Gold already!
  • what is wrong with some choice. aren't you tired with everything being black and grey?
    no?... that is fine... you can still buy black and grey... they didn't discontinue them.... apple is just offering more choice...
  • I'm all for choice. Give me red, yellow, blue, fuschia, burnt sienna... whatever. But the Rose Gold is popping up everywhere, and it's a little old. Apple Watch 2- Now in Rose Gold! Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • What is "wrong" with the rose-gold is it's a "fake finish." If Apple were merely offering customers choice, and choice of colour, then they should offer at least as many colours as the iPods come in. If Apple cared about what colours people actually wanted, then sadly, a whole lot of hideous colours would be available because generally people have no taste. They don't do any of that. They offer gold and rose gold because it's "fake" opulence. Because it's a chintzy way to make it seem like your device is more precious than it is, and because it matches the ridiculous watch they sold you. They do it because they know that foolish people will buy them thinking they are "classy" or some such when in fact they are the exact opposite of that. This is the same principle behind "costume jewellery."
  • 2011: "Give us more choices than just grey!" 2016: "Not those choices."
  • Even for an Apple apologist this article was pointless. Basically you're saying people are spending $1000 to be a part of Apples "vision"?? What vision?! What vision have they outlined with this product line? You're buying a product that will be obsolete once whatever "vision" you're speaking of is realized. They aren't upgrading your current MacBook. They are releasing refreshed models with upgraded internals. I could see buying a $1000 early adopters product if the manufacturer was going to continue to upgrade THAT model to keep me current. This article is ridiculous.
  • Their vision is a disposable, unserviceable net-book completely encased in resin.
    The next major rev of MacBook will have zero USB-C or headphone ports, with inductive charging.
  • Their vision is an attempt to push wireless as much as possible. It isn't that hard to figure out.,.
  • If Apples vision is to get me to pay $1300 for a laptop with two ports...and then spend another $80-100 on adapters just to use those ports...that really is a poor vision to try and justify.
  • i agree that maybe one more usb-c port would be nice, but... apple has other choices if you need more ports... the macbook is designed to be ultraportable and apple figures that you can use wifi, bluetooth, or yes an adapter to connect those times that you really need to.
    would you feel better if apple charged $50 more for the computer and included an adapter?
  • I'd say at a $1300 starting price an extra port should have already been there. I shouldn't have to spend more money for less. Defend them if you want. But this release is a disappointment.
  • Most of the internet haters never owned a Macbook (or likely any Apple product), so all their BS is based on specs on virtual paper. They have no idea what a joy it is to actually LIVE with the device, to USE it. There are things about everything, including fancy cars and motorcycles, that cannot be quantified. They must be experienced. The new Macbook (and likely most Apple products) aren't for these close minded folk. They need not apply. Let them go buy their Dell or Surface or whatever and be happy. To each his own.
  • Lol dude stop it. I am working on a Macbook Pro right now. You're justifying a $1300 machine with limited functionality. One port that requires adaptors for everything, low resolution front facing camera (Compared to the competition and older MacBook models), doesn't have as much power as other models. What is closed minded about seeing how ridiculous this product is? The problem is there are millions of apologists such as yourself who will spend on these less capable products to the point that Apple won't actually release something worthy the first time around. If I'm paying $1300, it had better do everything the others of equal financial cost can do. The article referenced said it best. This Macbook is for people with more money than sense.
  • Quis89, Again you are just going by specs on paper. I own a 2015 12 inch MacBook and it is great for school. It is super light and portable which makes it easy to carry from class to class. It also makes my backpack much lighter than a MacBook Pro. Also, if you are willing to buy into the future like me you won't need adapters because everything you have is already USB-C. For those two types of people, the tradeoffs are worth it.
  • As I student I frequently charge my iPhone on my MacBook while my MacBook is charging. I do this in class. How can you do that without an adapter?
  • apple didn't discontinue their other computers.... feel free to get one with more ports...
    or get a backup battery to charge your phone...
    apple products are never the best at everything or the cheapest....but... the overall user experience is almost always higher than with other brands...
    plus... they do usually have some cool tech that others don't... like pressure sensitve trackpad...
  • Psst, or just buy the new Lightning to USB-C cables that just got released. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • This is weird. What's stopping a MacBook owner from getting a $13 Lightning to USB-C cable off Amazon? It's some kind of weird ritual: grouse, invent Everest-size obstacle, eat tacos. Wierd.
  • And the keyboard sucks just so it could be unnecessarily thin.
  • It is a beautiful machine. I played with one at Best Buy. It really does need another port, but even still there are millions(!) of owners who never need another port.
  • I am struggling to see the logic behind the article. I understand that it's supposed to be a forward thinking niche product. I also know that the people I know who one the first generation model love many things about their machines. But, over and over, the complaints are the same. For $1300 there are some compromises that affect the consumer. 1 port is illogical. No thunderbolt is illogical. Windows machines have better Thunderbolt 3 support than Apple does. I know this machine fits into a broader picture. But, too many compromises at this price is a non starter.
  • I honestly is crazy to me how people can justify this.
  • That price is for extreme portability with max power. You get a full OS X computer in the footprint of an iPad. Is that a deluxe lifestyle? Maybe. There are people who utterly appreciate that portability and love their retina MacBook. No PC reached that level of portability, they are all 13.3 inch. Only Apple has done that with a form factor below 13 inch. And yet, Apple doesn't even need a laptop to stop these 13.3 ultra thin convertibles crowd, it counters these with the 12.9 inch iPad Pro. All of these give enough competitive power to 12 inch Retina Macbook in the ultraportables arena. This machine is just not for Thunderbolt 3, it is not intended for 4K video editing or to drive a bunch of HD monitors.
  • I guess you've not seen the XPS 13?
  • There are Windows machines that can almost match that with way more power, more expandability, and trackpads approaching the quality of those on the MBA and MBP. Great battery life too. Times have changed. It is very hard to justify these prices, because the disparity in user experience between the average Apple Machine and the average Windows Notebook in that price range is pretty thin, and in many cases *not* in Apple's favor. Yes, the Force Touch trackpad is good, but is it really anymore useful than a TouchScreen on a Windows Laptop in that price range? Where the laptops are running with QHD displays, great keyboards and really good trackpads. With more ports for expansion and often more storage and RAM for the same price? Oh, and they're barely bigger - not bigger enough to care, at least... ??? These Windows PCs have Core i CPUs, lots of fast RAM. PCIe SSDs. They are getting 10-13h battery life these days. You're paying of extreme portability. You aren't getting max power in a machine like this. Some people appreciate getting appropriate value for their money. I have an iMac. I knew I could get a Windows PC in same price range with twice the power. I bought it cause I wanted OS X. But in a laptop, I would never overpay for this machine. It's too limiting. In physical usability as well as in the usability of the machine regarding what type of performance you can get from various types on applications - compared to similarly-priced Windows Laptops.
  • Plus, it's a Dell! So good. So good. Hook up a Dell printer and buy yourself a Dell tablet and then you'll be cooking with (Dell) gasoline. And then people will smile in appreciation and say, "Oh, that's the new Apple, huh?" Bless.
  • The answer to the price is fairly obvious though. 1) Just like the original MacBook Air, the price is artificially high so that Apple can claw back some R&D money as well as keep the price of the "latest/greatest" high so that the new category they are introducing has a high-ish ASP. Apple has done this so many times with so many of their new products that it shouldn't be rocket science at this point (although I notice the famous author misses this entirely). 2) Apple has raised it's ASP on every single product they make over the last few years with the exception of the few that they have not updated yet. This is a very typical business practice of almost any company, especially those that make and sell hardware products, that is generally a response to slowing sales, and a crowded sales category. In other words, iPads, laptops, and now even smartphones, are all commodities at this point and can be obtained from a variety of manufacturers at much more reasonable pricing than Apple can offer. Apple is trying to excite the market by pushing bleeding edge products while simultaneously raising their profits and their profit margin on *all* goods to counteract the declining sales picture. So ... they call things "Pro" that aren't really pro and they raise the price of everything either directly, or through "accessorisation," (making the accessories and adapters a larger part of the profit engine), by splitting them off from the main product and charging inordinate amounts for them. Although this is inherently *deceptive* behaviour and not good news for their customers, these are fairly standard business responses to shrinking sales and crowded markets. Apple like it's customers to think that it's different from the rest and that it cares about the product and the customer more, but at the end of the day they are the same as the rest. The only other way they could go is to start making cheaper, mass market products that work well but are more affordable and make up the money on volume, but they don't want to do that because they simply won't make as much money that way.
  • Once again Apple offers less for more. I recall when the new base model Macbook debuted last year.
    480p webcam, M processor, one port for everything, no SD slot. It was super thin and light and came in gold.
    Apple couldn't keep them in stock. A $1, 300.00 netbook. Consumers would actually do better with the Macbook Pro.
  • with computers.... smaller costs more... always has....
  • Anyone who calls the MacBook a netbook has either: (a) never used the MacBook
    (b) never used a netbook
    (c) all of the above.
  • Oh, yeah. Apple. Hate em. I'm off to buy a Dell!
  • I agree with Quis89 here. $1300 cannot be justified at all. Only one port is a joke in itself! Sent from the iMore App
  • "...Only one port is a joke in itself!" Until you actually stop fearing the future and go through with implementing wireless workflows. It is certainly a bit of a pain to do first/once. But then after that it's done. And it is from that point on much more simple and convenient.
  • It's not just that it's only one port. It's that you only have one port. It's that you also have to use that one port for charging as well. Give it a second USB-C or bring back MagSafe, add a cellular option and drop about $200 from the price and I'd probably buy one. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I can't charge my phone wirelessly. And having a flash drive is helpful for situations where I may not have an Internet connection to access cloud storage options. If I need to charge my computer now I can't do anything else that needs a port such as charge my phone. What about digital cameras with memory cards? I don't need apple to force me into whatever "future" they've sold you on. Sent from the iMore App
  • Then don't buy the new MacBook. Problem solved.
  • @Quis89, for the sake of discussion, charging my iPhone from my rMBP from near 0% all the way to 80% takes about 20 minutes and hardly has any impact on my computer battery (granted, a rMBP). I mean what's wrong with not plugging you laptop in the wall for 20 minutes?
    And for the DSLR/SD card thing, personally I have a cloud based workflow (Adobe CC)... And I use this: – Your welcome, The Future
  • I tried an Eyefi card... Maybe mine just sucked, but it transferred like molasses when it didn't just time out, and the way it connected, you had to disconnect from the internet.
  • I am only an AD, so I tend to mostly do pre-shoots and pickups. So I don't do huge Raw images (mostly 18 mp lossless JPEGs). So I don’t mind the somewhat slow transfert speed - and bear in mind that range has a pretty big impact, less than 5 feet is optimal. And I have a backup battery for my Canon, so I've set the card to never disengage the wi-fi if the camera is powered on. Beats pulling the card in and out of the camera/computer for ME, but you know... YMMV
  • i have a cd slot in my car....
    never use it...
    i have bluetooth and streaming music...
  • One port works for me. I don't hook up any peripherals. So a single USB-C is perfect. I don't do really any heavy lifting with my computers. All I need is a good keyboard and track pad. So, the MacBook works perfectly for me when it comes to writing content.
  • I just want my 14" New-style MacBook w/ 16GB of RAM and I will be a happy camper. Until then I'm still a sort happy but not really happy owner of the 12" MacBook.
  • Not asking for much are ya Kevin? Lol Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • ..what a pathetic article. Shame on you iMore. Practically no real content, just clickbait.
    Why do you let this guys write such an embarrassing article?
  • I agree. One of the main reasons its not meant to be for all people is its expensive price. For me as an apple fan that used to apple products i might consider it. In the other hand For most people as neutral point of view when i see that high price i would expect much much better performance Sent from the iMore App
  • Um, all Apple products are overpriced... Always have been. Apple doesn't believe in budget products and barely does mid range. Almost everything is high end or marketed as high end. And yes I own a number of Apple products :-)
  • I agree. This is why we see retailers able to have sales constantly with a hundred off here and there. I own Apple products. I don't pay full price. Tell that to my wallet though that just put out 3.5k for a maxed out imac Part of the reason is the base units almost cry to be upgraded. At least there was an edu discount followed by a discover deal. I do put a lot of value on display and you can't beat the 5k screen.
  • Of course they scream to be upgraded. Apple builds in obsolescence in their entry level products both to encourage you to upgrade earlier, but also to encourage you to buy better than the baseline product when you do upgrade and thus increase their products.
  • If it just had a bit more horsepower in the processor I would be all over it. Would be great for a travel laptop even over my 15" rMBP, which I would still have for the real heavy lifting that I use it for.
  • I have a feeling that the reason that it has such low horsepower has to do with cooling of the device itself. If they put a Core Series processor in there it would probably need a fan which would add weight and size to the device. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Check out how Microsoft solve that problem in their surface pro 4 ;) Posted from my Samsung Galaxy S6
  • What's the battery life on that beaut? 4 big hours, right? Of course, those are Microsoft Hours (tm). I believe real world on MacBook 2016 is 9 - 10 hours. Wonder how Apple did it? Posted from my fun Dell* * bwahaha!
  • Exactly lol Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • They couldn't make the processor faster, but they made the SSD faster. If you want it just for travel then do not hesitate, it won't leave you mid-road. What counts in travel are more basic things such as wifi, internet speed, battery, storage... And it is more than satisfactory in all of these.
  • Again, clicking it so low most likely had to do with heat and the desire to make a device without a fan. Faster SSD is going to increase performance without adding heat. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Baaaaaaah! Posted from my Nexus 6P
  • I love the looks. Love the size/weight. Love apple, but this macbook is a complete rip off at $1300 + $79 adapter to hook anything to it.
  • The Macbook is the only Mac I would ever buy. For other needs, I'd rather get a Windows laptop.
  • What?
  • Windows users appreciate the Retina Macbook, you're welcome... It runs also Windows under BootCamp, the SSD is kept large for partitioning to Windows. But for the best Windows experience I'd suggest the Retina Macbook 15 inch with 2GB discrete GPU, it excels in both worlds.
  • I think that if Apple had released refreshes to the rest of their line up that none of this would be an issue. There'd be something for everyone. Right now I feel that the MacBook Air fans are left out in the cold because although we love our MBA's we want a better screen. Some may want that trackpad as well, although honestly I don't see it as a big deal. I think we'd like to see less fan use, although we don't want a lesser processor. There's been chatter that the new MacBooks are replacing the MacBook Air. That may be. But we can still hope that Apple makes a nice thin Retina screened laptop that is affordable, has Thunderbolt in the USB ports, more than one USB port, and ideally, still has the SD card slot, and isn't as hot and heavy as the Pro models. I think there's still room for that unit. I personally would like it with a bigger screen than the MacBook has. I don't care if it's lighter than the present MBAs. To me they are about perfect, except the screen. The new MacBook is really cool, except the lousy camera, the pokey processor, and the slightly too small screen. I keep laptops at least 4 years (this one is about 5 years). I'm not convinced the current MacBook has the legs to last that long without getting laggy.
  • They did refresh the MacBook Air. They're just giving it more room that's all this year. And the MacBook Pros and probably a new line of higher-end Retina Airs are coming later this year, but they need to have the new Intel Core i processors available in large quantities first. They will probably come thus summer.
  • The Skylake Core i may be gimmick with just 2 cores. The Broadwell Core i in Macbook Pros is 4 cores. Correct me if I miss something...
  • Core series come both in 2 and 4 core configurations but the number of cores is usually hidden deeply in product specs pages. They compare the Core M in MacBook to Core i in 13 inch HP ignoring the fact that both are 2 cores..
  • Another stupid design decision by Apple. "In fact, iPhone owners are forced to buy a $25 adapter if they want to connect their phones to this MacBook" Posted from my Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Lightning to USB-C cable on Amazon is $12.99. I do see your point, though. People who can afford the MacBook will be broken and demoralized by having to buy a $13 cable.* Sent from my Palm Treo II * Certain parts of this message may employ S-arcasm.
  • Why is it vitriol to point out one egregious error - the lack of a second USB-c port (more importantly, lack of Thunderbolt 3 support in a supported chip)? You can make all the excuses you want to defend your defenseless Apple, but NO DEVICE should be designed so you have to disconnect power in order to attach an external monitor. That is indefensible. And don't fall back to the usual "you can get a dongle for that" - that is NO ANSWER. This is pure unadulterated bullheadedness on the part of the design team. Sometimes "we'll show you" is not the correct answer. Even Leo Laporte, one of Apple's biggest apologist, decried the Kool-Aide drinkers for looking past this design flaw on MacBreak Weekly - I believe a first for him.
  • While I agree with the guts of what you're saying the iPad has been single port since it's inception. Both the iPad and MacBook can be powered and used the port at the same time IF you get an expensive dongle that does that, which is my problem with it. I shouldn't have to spend even more for a more expensive dock or dongle for basic functionality Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Guess what laptop he bought recently. Inspirational quote: "Haha!" - Nelson, The Simpsons
  • What do you mean? I don't have a RMB. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Sorry, I should have said, "Guess what machine Leo Laporte bought after complaining about the one port." I messed that up.
  • Thanks to Force Touch and the Pencil we are a step closer to imagine a "tablet Mac". Let me say something blasphemic: that new Retina Macbook may even be its prototype... Here is a fanless OS X computer at last, thanks to Intel Core M. Now we need just a battery genie...
  • They just released the second generation so it's no longer a prototype or experiment. At this point it's a new product line. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • They can do or not do whatever they want with the Air and the Macbook. Please continue to provide those of us who need the power, plethora of ports and portability with the Macbook Pro. --Software Development (I've tried out XCode and IntelliJ on a Macbook. Won't be doing that again.)
    --Running multiple virtual machines (with multiple operating systems at the same time)
    --Doing 4K and 1080p video editing
    --Doing lots of high end Photoshop (RAW) image editing
    --Driving multiple 4K displays at 60hz I've got my trusty, Mac Mini for pretty much everything else.
  • For $1600 for the Core M5 version, the Surface Book would be a much better choice IMO.
    I personally wouldn't even consider buying a standard laptop these days especially if I were going to spend more than a $1000 on it.
  • I would spend more than 1k. But not for this macbook. I see it along the lines as a 400-500 dollar netbook. Nice screen and built well but the internals just aren't good enough. I could even get along with the one port. Apple would need to cut their price in half. As it is, it's a nobrainer just to get a 13" mbp instead.
  • 13" rMBP and rMB are both 2-core machines, rMB has a faster and larger SSD (for now). Compare it to 15" rMBP which is 4-core to see a substantial difference. The internals are so good that Apple released a fanless full OS X computer at last. Fanless for smaller battery, smaller battery for ultimate portability in the footprint of an iPad. You get a full OS X computer in the footprint of an iPad, what else do you want?
  • A second USB-C port.... you asked:-) Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Would it have killed apple to add ONE more port? Seriously?
  • Yeah it would have because it would have cut into their profit margin. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • And here I thought I would get to see a rant about an apple product on iMore. I was so excited, alas I should have known better
  • Yeah. This is iMore. On the rare occasion that they seriously criticize Apple it either has to be so glaring that it's indefensible, or heavily qualified. Add to that the fact that the author used to work for Apple... not gonna happen lol Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I wouldn't buy this as it is. Ever. It wouldnt be enough to handle what I do with a laptop (specifically editing). However, it doesn't matter what I think. This laptop is for a group of specific people ATM. That's the beauty of variety, you can choose what suits your needs. Value is subjective so arguing about if it's worth it or not is pointless. Just get the device that suits your needs and stop worrying about others.
  • I think of the MacBook as a testbed/Prototype device. They put a bunch of ideals together, and someone in marketing we should really sell this. And behold a product in many ways is more conceptual than functional for everyone. For my computer needs it is the prefect. But I believe what we all really want is a blend of all the MacBooks. We want power and graphic card of the 15" Pro, the form factor of the 12" MacBook, even longer battery life, and the 2 USB Type-C, 2 3.0 USB, SD Slot(from the Google Pixel), all at the the price point of the MacBook Air 11". We aren't asking for much, are we. Sent from the iMore App
  • Lol not at all :) Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Well, if that's the future of the notebook, sign me out. I love the Intel Core i series processors. The Core M wouldn't be powerful enough for me. While I'm at it, how on earth do the justify what they're charging for it? Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Because it's a Mac. That's a serious answer, not attempt to be snooty. Add to that making almost any electronics smaller tends to add to manufacturing costs. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I love my MacBook its thin light and portable and has a fantastic screen, i never have any issues with connectivity, I use it for every thing from e mail to video editing, it's great!
    It's become my daily driver along with my iPadPro, I hardly use my MAcBook Pro or iMac any longer.
    Keep the good work up Apple!
  • I tried out the previous version of the MacBook and really, really wanted to like it. But in the end it was its port situation that had me return it for another MacBook Pro. Its speed was unremarkable. Not in a bad way. Rather, it felt just fine. There was no noticeable speed penalty with the mobile chipset in my day-to-day use. It launched apps briskly, websites rapidly, and felt responsive overall. As Michael, states the keyboard is fantastic. I feel it's better than the Pro's. The keys are larger and the butterfly mechanism is more stable. I liked the short key travel and after 2 weeks of use it makes the Pro keyboard feel clunky and imprecise. The form factor is perfect. Every inch of real estate was maximized from the minimal screen bezel, edge-to-edge keyboard, and massive trackpad. In addition, the MacBook was 2 pounds of svelteness. The extra 1.5 pounds of the Pro is significantly noticeable and limits portability especially when lugging it around for long periods of time. But then we run into I/O and the single USB-C port. I thought I could live with it. I really did. I even tried it with the multiport adapter but that solution was too cumbersome. That single USB-C port sunk the ship for me. For me, switching to a dedicated MagSafe power port would be ideal. I'm ok with it having one port. In fact, I'm ok with it being USB-C. Just have it separate from power. USB 3 is old antiquated and soon to be phased out (I assume iPhone 7 will have a USB-C power adapter). Like Michael says, this MacBook will grow into the notebook for the masses. It just need to sprout a separate power and USB port. It'll just take time and I'm ok with that. I'll wait for it and in the meantime settle with the MacBook Pro.
  • "Like Michael says, this MacBook will grow into the notebook for the masses. It just need to sprout a separate power and USB port. It'll just take time and I'm ok with that." You SHOULDN'T be ok with that. It is no feat of engineering to put a second USB-c port on the other side. In fact, it could easily be Thunderbolt 3 and give you the perfect solution for a Thunderbolt 3 dock for desktop duty. This goes back to the Apple exec (can't remember which one) who said they wanted to make it PORT-LESS but couldn't deal with charging issues. That is a stupid as it gets.
  • Take a look at the internals of the MacBook and space is tiiiiiiiiieeeet. Apple seems to be on a thinness kick and sacrifice ports is ok with them.
  • Adding a second USB -C port across from the first one and slightly moving the headphone jack wouldn't have made it any thicker. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • You're an Apple engineer? If it was feasible, don't you think Apple would've done it???
  • You don't need to be an Apple engineer to look at the teardown and see that there is definitely room for the parts in question.
  • I'll agree to disagree. I get what you're saying. I'm not sure why Apple is so hard up on thinness at the expense of features. Unless it's for product differentiation.
  • They've pretty much always been that way though. But yeah... Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Because thin = light = elegant. It's just better - if you don't get it feel free to get a bigger heavier computer you don't need. This one does everything you need it to.
  • As much as I want a better camera on this MacBook, in my experience I have nearly never used the camera on my MacBook Pro. My problem with this MacBook is its performance, which is even worse than an iPad. But it is a 'full' computer, complete with backlit keyboard.
  • Of course performance is going to be worse. It's got all or the overhead from that full desktop OS running in the background. It's pretty clear they sacrificed the good camera for size. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Because people buy a laptop for the quality of the camera. Not.
  • I disagree - this is exactly the macbook for the masses. It is fine for 99% of people (yes it is). The benchmarks are identical to the 2015 MacBook Air. I run Visual Studio on top of OS X on the 2015 model - and I've done video editing on it no problem. What you are doing - which will be less taxing - will be fine. Life changingly small and light - whoever you are just get it.