Apple Watch Series 7 Blue GreenSource: Front Page Tech

What you need to know

  • New renders show an Apple Watch Series 7 with squared sides.
  • The renders are based on images of the real deal to protect sources.

All being well Apple Watch Series 7will be announced later this year, replacing the current Apple Watch Series 6 device. New renders, based on leaked information, claim to show what that new wearable will look like. And it's a big departure.

As the images show, Apple Watch Series 7 looks set to do away with the curved sides we've seen since Apple Watch first arrived. They'll be replaced with a squared-off design, says Jon Prosser, giving the wearable a much more boxy look.

That boxy look fits in with existing devices that have seen similar refreshes, including iPhone 12 and iPad Air. If the leaks are accurate, this will be the biggest change to Apple Watch yet.

Apple Watch Series 7 SilverSource: Front Page Tech

However, a word of warning. Prosser also notes that his source doesn't specifically know that this is Apple Watch Series 7 because of the codenames used inside Apple. However, previous reports by Ming-Chi Kuo have also pointed to a sizeable refresh this year so things do look promising.

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There is still plenty of time to bag an Apple Watch deal before the new watch arrives, of course. The current crop of watches are stunning as they are, and with the new Apple Watch Series 7 not expected to have any display changes, those square edges might be the biggest differentiator here. A new, speedier chip will no doubt be present, but few people would say Apple Watch Series 6 is slow, would they?

Now, we wait. With Apple unlikely to announce its next Apple Watch for a few months at least, there's plenty of time for more leaks before then.