News app

Apple's made some big changes to the News app over the past few years. In iOS 10 it got a complete interface redesign. in iOS 11 we got Top Stories and the Spotlight tab, which is content curated by Apple's editorial staff. In iOS 11.3, we're getting some minor, but cool updates, as well.

Top Stories get the celebrity treatment

In iOS 11.2.6 The For You would vary the content at the top of the page, depending on whether you'd accessed the app that day or not. Now, Top Stories will always be at the top of the page in the For You tab. That way, breaking and important news will be the first thing you see every time.

Videos get some love

It's not just millennials. We're all accustomed to getting our news in short, easy to digest bites. Videos make it much easier for us to get through big news stories and now, Apple has made it much easier for us to find those videos with the Today's Videos and Must-See Videos sections.

about a quarter of the way down your For You tab, under Trending Stories, you'll see the new section, delineated in dark gray. It stands out. You won't miss it.

If you don't care to see this section, tap the Dislike button to hide it from your For You news roll.

Anything we missed?

Are there any major or minor changes to the News app that you caught? Drop them in the comments. It's always fun to discover what Apple secretly springs on us.