Two white homepods sitting on a television standSource: Rene Ritchie / iMore

Yesterday saw the release of macOS 11.3 and it was a good day. Sure, it brought support for things like AirTags and whatnot, but more importantly, it fixed a huge oversight. It brings support for stereo pairs of HomePods to Mac for the first time.

I ranted about this madness before. Up until yesterday, nobody could set a stereo pair of HomePods as the audio destination from within macOS. You could output music from the Music app, but you couldn't select a stereo pair from the macOS system settings. And that was, as I've said previously, madness. The fact that macOS 11 didn't support AirPlay 2 natively until macOS 11.3 still is, frankly. Especially with the $99 HomePod mini around.

But if you try and select that stereo pair of HomePod minis from a Mac's menu bar you're going to be stuck because the audio will instead come from one HomePod mini or the other. No stereo. No fun. No sense as to why.

And now it's fixed. Here's how to set that stereo pair up in the first place, by the way.

The incoming feature was first noticed that this feature was coming back in February and those not brave enough – or daft enough! – to run the macOS 11.3 betas have been waiting for it to arrive ever since. Now that it's here, selecting a stereo pair of HomePods works exactly the way you'd expect it to. In fact, you select your HomePods in the same way you'd select any out audio destination and that's exactly how it should be. Click the speaker item in the menu bar and then click your pair of HomePods.

You'll be bopping along to the sound of Slack messages and Zoom calls in no time at all!

Actually, maybe this isn't such a good idea after all!