Splatoon-themed Neon Pink and Neon Green Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are now available at Gamestop

UPDATE: Neon Pink and Neon Green Joy-Cons are showing up in-stores at Gamestop locations around the U.S. today. It appears that Gamestop has some level of exclusivity here because they're still on pre-order at places like Best Buy, Nintendo's online store, and even Amazon has the inflated import price.

If you've been waiting for your own pair, you should jump on this opportunity right away. iMore Nintendo Switch aficionado Russell Holly picked one up at his local Gamestop and noted that there were only three pairs left.

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Joy-Con colors are a constant talking point for the Nintendo Switch, especially if you want yours to stand out. If you're a big Splatoon fan and you've been dying to get your hands on the special Neon Joy-Cons, Nintendo has announced that today is your lucky day.

You don't have to import the controllers from Japan anymore, or try to justify picking up the special version of the Switch as a second console anymore!

Nintendo announced that it will be selling the Neon Pink and Green Joy-Cons that originally came with the Splatoon edition of the Nintendo Switch. Before this announcement, you could only get these Joy Cons with the console or through a third party.

By the end of this month, these Joy-Cons will be available for you to go ahead and rock Splat Fest. According to Nintendo's website, they will still be $79.99 like the rest of the Joy-Con pairs. Make sure to keep your eyes on the website to see just when they'll be available!

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