Nintendo announces you can soon buy single Joy-Cons for less

How to fix controller drift Nintendo Switch
How to fix controller drift Nintendo Switch (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

What you need to know

  • Nintendo announced via Twitter that individual Joy-Cons will be available for purchase starting November 9, 2020.
  • They come in either a left Neon Blue or a right Neon Red.
  • The single Joy-Cons will cost $40 each, which is $10 cheaper than they used to sell for.

Nintendo of America just announced via Twitter that single Joy-Cons will be available for purchase starting November 9, 2020. The options are either a left Neon Blue controller or a right Neon Red controller and they will cost $40 each. Nintendo has previously sold individual Joy-Cons, but they have been very hard to find recently and previously sold for $50 instead of $40. So, you'll be able to save $10 this go around.

Nintendo has recently been in several legal battles due to the Nintendo Switch's rampant Joy-Con drift issues, which cause characters on screen to move around without anyone touching the joysticks. It's possible that allowing players to purchase single Joy-Cons at a slightly lower price is the Japanese gaming company's answer to how many people are affected by these controller complications in the United States.

Whether you're trying to find a replacement for that drifting Joy-Con, want to get a different color from the Joy-Cons you already have, or simply want more Joy-Cons for multiplayer party games, the slightly lower price will make these controllers a little easier to obtain.

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