Nintendo Indie World: Everything announced during the December showcase

Indie World December 15
Indie World December 15 (Image credit: Nintendo)

On December 15th at 12:00 p.m. ET, Nintendo released a fresh Indie World showcase, a presentation that gives us a 15 minute look at all of the big indie titles that will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch in the next few months or years. The Nintendo Switch has become the premier platform for some of the best indie games in the last few years, from Stardew Valley to Hades to Hollow Knight, and Nintendo seems poised to continue that streak. Here are all of the games that have been announced so far. We'll continue to update as the Direct continues.

Every game listed during the Indie World showcase

Here are all of the games listed during December's Indie World showcase.

Spelunky 1 and 2

Spelunky Switch

Spelunky Switch (Image credit: Nintendo)

The tough as nails platformer rougelikes Spelunky and Spelunky 2 are both coming to Nintendo Switch in Summer 2021. Spelunky 1 will feature local multiplayer, while Spelunky 2 will feature local and online multiplayer.


Fisti Fluff Switch

Fisti Fluff Switch (Image credit: Nintendo)

Battle adorable furbabies in this action brawler that releases on the Nintendo Switch first in early 2021.

Very Very Valet

Very Very Valet Switch

Very Very Valet Switch (Image credit: Nintendo)

You and three other players race to see who can park cars first in this insane party game when that releases on Nintendo Switch first as a timed exclusive in early 2021.


Tunche Switch

Tunche Switch (Image credit: Nintendo)

Uncover the mysteries of the rainforest in this hand drawn beat 'em up when this game releases first on Nintendo Switch in March 2021.


Cyber Shadow Switch

Cyber Shadow Switch (Image credit: Nintendo)

Rescue your ninja clan in this new action platformer with a cybernetic ninja spin. Scan compatible Shovel Knight amiibo to get help from a familiar fairy friend. Coming to the Nintendo Switch on January 26, 2021.


Calico Switch

Calico Switch (Image credit: Nintendo)

A cat cafe simulator where you build a cafe full of pastries and cute cats. Available on the Nintendo Switch today.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Alba Wildlife Adventure Switch

Alba Wildlife Adventure Switch (Image credit: Nintendo)

Heal sick animals, clean the wilderness, and save the island when this gorgeous game arrives on the Nintendo Switch in Spring 2021.


Gnosia Switch

Gnosia Switch (Image credit: Nintendo)

A sci-fi visual novel with a social deduction twist, where every playthrough is unique. It launches on the Nintendo Switch early 2021.

Happy Game

Happy Game Switch

Happy Game Switch (Image credit: Nintendo)

A psychedelic horror game set in a bizarre dream world. Releases on the Nintendo Switch in Spring 2021.

Super Meat Boy Forever

Super Meat Boy Switch

Super Meat Boy Switch (Image credit: Nintendo)

Play through thousands of levels with tons of different characters when Super Meat Boy Forever releases as a console launch exclusive on December 23, 2020.


Nintendo Switch Grindstone

Nintendo Switch Grindstone (Image credit: Nintendo)

Grind through over 200 levels in this unique puzzle game that releases today as a console launch exclusive.

Among Us

Among Us Switch

Among Us Switch (Image credit: Nintendo)

The smash hit Among Us releases on the Nintendo Switch later today.

Additional games

The following games were all announced in a short montage:

  • When the Past was Around - Today
  • Kosmokrats - March 2021 (timed console exclusive)
  • Hoa - April 2021
  • Hazel Sky - March 2021
  • Trash Sailors - Spring 2021
  • Finding Paradise - Spring 2021
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