An early morning teaser for something new from Nintendo for kids or people who are kids at heart turned into a surprisingly explosive announcement for something we now know as Nintendo Labo. Right now it's a pair a DIY kits for a series of fun interactive games on the Nintendo Switch, and nearly everything in these kits are made of cardboard. While it's easy to be snarky about Nintendo selling you bits of cardboard for $70 a pop, the demo video for what you can do with these kits is ridiculously compelling.

But like all big things on the internet, some of the initial reactions to Nintendo's announcement are just too good to keep to myself. And if you take a look at some of my favorites, you'll probably learn something about these weird and wonderful cardboard toys.

While we've known for a while now Nintendo was going to offer up some fun games that use the IR sensor tucked into the Joy-Con, I'm sure no one could have predicted a tiny cardboard piano as an accessory.

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Like the tweet suggests, this is super clever stuff, using the sensor to tell what key is pressed on your cardboard piano to produce the correct noise on the Switch speakers.

This is by far my favorite take from this whole announcement, and totally indicative of how Nintendo has always operated. As fun as it is to feel totally immersed in the photorealistic Horizon: Zero Dawn or be at the edge of your seat with the lights down in the next Halo, a significant number of the most popular Nintendo Switch games are just plain fun and refuse to be taken seriously.

One year and five days ago, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime said "talk to me in a year" about Mother 3 (you might know it as Earthbound) for the Switch.

We've not yet heard anything official and it has in fact been a year, so this jab is totally fair game to me. Bring us Mother 3, Reggie. You know you want to.

It couldn't be more clear by the cardboard bristle-bot and the cardboard costume to dress up like a giant robot that these experiences are all entirely built for kids, but that did very little to stop people from imagining how cool it would be to have simple cardboard accessories for the more adult-leaning Switch titles.

Lets just all agree that cardboard Bayonetta heels is a bridge too far. That only ends in someone getting hurt.

A spectacular final point being made here is how intricate these kits appear to be. Nintendo's early look revealed multiple sheets of punch-out cardboard with a ton of instructions, and most of these kits look kinda complicated.

This is going to be something a parent and child spend a bit of time together to assemble, and then quite a bit more time after enjoying. As a parent who enjoys those kinds of activities with my kids, Nintendo Labo can't get here fast enough.

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