Nintendo is providing a "Concierge" service for new Nintendo Switch owners

Nintendo Switch Lite
Nintendo Switch Lite (Image credit: Nintendo)

What you need to know

  • New Nintendo Switch owners can book a virtual "Concierge" session with Nintendo customer service representatives for free.
  • Persons must be over the age of 18 in order to book a session.
  • There are six 30-minute sessions to choose from that cover a variety of topics.

For those who may feel a little out of the loop when it comes to their new Nintendo Switch system — whether you're completely new to gaming, are new to Nintendo systems or haven't played a game in years — Nintendo is now offering a concierge service free of charge. For anyone over the age of 18, be it a parent of a Switch owner or a Switch owner themselves, they can head over to Nintendo's Concierge webpage and book a virtual one-on-one session with gaming experts.

Six different types of consultation sessions are available, each lasting 30 minutes:

  • Nintendo Switch 101
  • Games (Getting Started)
  • Games (What to Play Next)
  • Security and Privacy
  • Nintendo Account
  • Customization

The Nintendo Switch has been a hot topic lately, even outselling the Nintendo 3DS as of a recent financial report. Its games' sales have gone through the roof, with top games selling tens of millions of copies.

For anyone who may be on the fence about getting a Nintendo Switch, this service may assist them in figuring out some things that seasoned Switch owners may already be clued in on. And for those looking for game recommendations, they can also have a look at our list of the best selling games on Nintendo Switch and why they're awesome.

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