Nintendo Switch is back in stock for its normal $299 price!

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The Nintendo Switch is one of the most popular items on nearly everyone's Christmas wishlist (following closely behind PS5 and Xbox Series X). Unfortunately, it's nearly always sold out, or if you can find it, it's way overpriced at more than $400. Right now, if you can get it before it sells out again, you can buy the Nintendo Switch for $299 at GameStop, its normal price for the normal model.

If you've been fighting the crowds trying to get your hands on a Nintendo Switch because your little one asked Santa for it for Christmas, you're in luck, but don't wait on this. It will sell out again very soon.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

It's the gaming console that saved our sanity during the pandemic and it's on nearly everyone's Christmas list. It's rarely in stock, so don't hesitate. Buy now or risk not being able to put it under the Christmas tree this year.

The Nintendo Switch was a big hit when it first launched and has struggled to stay in stock for the past couple of years. It's always a sought-after item for the holidays, and this year it grew exponentially in popularity because of the world's shelter-in-place order. With games like Animal Crossing: New Horizon and Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, the Nintendo Switch has become a de-stressing tool, an escape from the problems of the world, and a safe way to interact with friends and family remotely.

This year, if someone in your family has been asking Santa for a Nintendo Switch for Christmas, don't hesitate to jump on this purchase. This isn't a Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal, but you'll be lucky to even find it available to purchase after a couple of hours. Don't miss out on this opportunity to make someone's dream come true.

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