You don't need me to tell you that the Nintendo Switch is a blockbuster success; all you need to do is look at the numbers. 13 months after its debut, Nintendo's new console has sold about 18 million units, putting the company's profits up 500% year-over-year … and keeping the Nintendo Switch price firm at the same $300 it launched at. If there are surer signs of a big hit, I've never seen 'em – and with big platform developments dropping almost every month, from Labo to Online, the Nintendo Switch is doing better than even my most optimistic predictions.

Still, I come from the smartphone world – and while that's a very different domain from that of the game console, it seems to me the question of whether to buy a year-old product still remains an important one. How has the Switch's hardware held up to constant use and travel? What light can the growth of its ecosystem shed on its future prospects? And what accessories have proven themselves valuable over the past thirteen months? Those questions and more tackled above, in MrMobile's Nintendo Switch Review Re-Do for 2018! Give it a click – and then be sure to check out iMore's Nintendo Switch roundup post for all the latest on my new favorite game console.

Special thanks to Russell Holly, Lory Gil, and Justus Perry for their contributions to this review.

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