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What you need to know

  • Apple has updated the Now Playing UI in iOS 14.
  • The user interface now takes up the entire display.
  • It also incorporates the dynamic background found from the Live Lyrics interface.

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Apple has announced a number of new features for the Apple Music app in iOS 14, but one change that was not mentioned might be the one that people notice the most.

Now Playing has been completely redesigned for iOS 14. Developer Guilherme Rambo tweeted out a screenshot of the new user interface which shows off a number of changes from the current user experience.

Whereas the current Now Playing view sits partially on top of whatever part of the app you are currently on, the new user interface will take up the entire screen. It looks like Apple is also incorporating the dynamic background found in the Live Lyrics feature, which creates an ambient background that is based on the colors from the album you are currently listening to.

It appears that you are still shown a small pill towards the top of the screen that indicates you can swipe down to minimize the Now Playing view and return to navigate around the app while you are listening.

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The change makes the Now Playing experience in Apple Music closer to that of Spotify, who also has a full-screen experience. Regardless, it is definitely an upgrade in design that appears to be much more immersive than the current experience.

The new update will also introduce a new Listen Now section for discovering new music, autoplay more songs when you reach the end of an album or playlist, and better organize your library.

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