NSNorth set for April 10-12, updated speaker lineup, ticket info

NSNorth, the single-track upper Canada conference for iOS and Mac aficionados, has revealed more speakers and information on when and how you can get tickets. Joining iMore's own, already announced Georgia Dow is national treasure Jim Dalrymple, the amazing Ashley Nelson-Hornstein and more. Check out the full announcement below.

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We have a wonderful weekend planned for you on April 10-12th.

We have some exciting news to share. Four new speakers have been added to the lineup.

  • Ashley Nelson-Hornstein from Dropbox
  • Jim Dalrymple from The Loop
  • Ash Lindquist from Storybird
  • Mark Pavlidis from Flixel Photos

Don't forget the speakers already announced:

  • Georgia Dow from iMore
  • Gordon Fontenot from thoughtbot
  • Matt Klosterman from Infofission
  • Chris Liscio from SuperMegaUltraGroovy
  • Vanessa Logan from Sago Mini
  • Christa Mrgan from Rogue Amoeba
  • JP Simard from Realm

Be sure to stay tuned to the podcast that we do every year. We use the podcast to help introduce you to each of our speakers. We will have more information on that later.

A Unique Experience at a Reasonable Price.

Our conference pass includes access to all sessions, activities, and your food and drinks for the weekend. Conference passes will be available for $699.

The Chateau Montebello's very comfortable rooms are only a quick indoor walk to and from all of the sessions. Parking and internet access will also be included in the price. Rooms start at $179 for attendees.

We encourage you to bring family or a friend with our convenient Companion ticket which covers food and drinks for the weekend along with the option to join in on the fun group activities.

Companion tickets are priced at $299 for adults, $149 for children ages 6-12, five and under are free.

Once again this year we will have a Student Scholarship Fund where your donation can help send a deserving student to the event.

Please note that all prices are taxes extra.

Ticket Sales

Tickets will go on sale next Tuesday, January 20th at 1pm EST. Be sure to mark the date and time! Attendance is once again limited.

Please check out the website at http://nsnorth.ca for more information on the Chateau Montebello, our speakers, and pricing.

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