A shirtless Leo Laporte shows off his TWiT grove.

How an Apple retail store discussion turned into a back-and-forth between Chewbacca and a nude, tree-surrounded Leo Laporte is beyond me, but it happened on TWiT and it was hilarious.

Leo Laporte, Clayton Morris, Georgia Dow, and Owen JJ Stone were talking about Apple's new retail store design on This Week in Tech when suddenly Leo was nude and surrounded by trees. Georgia Dow was the first to call it out:

Did you suddenly bring a tree? You brought a tree! Well look at that, it's already looking more welcoming.

You can check out the whole, hilarious video here:

All kidding aside, I'm really jazzed about the new store design. Apple's focus on community is apparent in all areas of the update; I'm looking forward to walking into the new store soon.