Nude and surrounded by trees: TWiT talks Apple retail

Leo Laporte, Clayton Morris, Georgia Dow, and Owen JJ Stone were talking about Apple's new retail store design on This Week in Tech when suddenly Leo was nude and surrounded by trees. Georgia Dow was the first to call it out:

Did you suddenly bring a tree? You brought a tree! Well look at that, it's already looking more welcoming.

You can check out the whole, hilarious video here:

All kidding aside, I'm really jazzed about the new store design. Apple's focus on community is apparent in all areas of the update; I'm looking forward to walking into the new store soon.

Mikah Sargent is Senior Editor at Mobile Nations. When he's not bothering his chihuahuas, Mikah spends entirely too much time and money on HomeKit products. You can follow him on Twitter at @mikahsargent if you're so inclined.

  • Apple needs to focus on better tech products and not fashion and gardens Sent from the iMore App
  • It seems that Leo is becoming more and more anti-Apple. He calls the new store creepy, and Apple a cult, just because they wanted to create this new store experience. His stunt on TWiT is him mocking Apple for having trees in the store. Save us, Rene!
  • I don't get why you bother to go on any shows with such a buffoon. He makes it very clear he knows nothing about technology, or at most very little.
  • Nothing, or little? Lol! He has forgotten more than most people know.
  • I suspect you are right...and he provides examples of how much he's forgotten on every show! I can't tell you how many times I've yelled at my car radio when Leo says something as fact when I know it's wrong. It's not that he doesn't know something, I'm ok with that, it's that he states things as fact which are incorrect or misleading. That to me is worse and over time has made me less and less inclined to listen.
  • I've listened for years and I think the show and some of his regulars have become the "get off my lawn" types which they joke about. They are relying on younger guests to keep the show up to date, I noticed Dvorak hasn't been on in a while?
  • Agree. He really is a vile human being. At least he didn't show his ***** on air again.
  • Rene and the iMore team, are the only guests saving MacBreak Weekly or TWiT. I've grown so tired of the "Leo Shows". I can't stomach iOS Today anymore, even I cringe listening to Windows Weekly, and don't get me started on that sad excuse for an enterprise show! It's too bad but having one person host, or co-host, so many shows leads to fatigue and no shows gain any sort of following when there's no only one guy to follow! I had high hopes for Leo's effort to build TWiT but I fear the crazy spending and lack of relevant sponsors have brought us here. BTW: I have subscribed to your new podcasts and remain hopeful! :-)
  • What is up with all the little girl sounds Leo does all the time? It's very annoying.....
  • Man, some of you are clueless with regards to Leo. I assume you're all 28 or younger? Do some research on the guy. Knows more than most of you combined. Just because he doesn't bow down to the Apple Altar doesn't make him clueless. If anything these days, it makes him honest. Unlike the Apple sycophants that refuse to criticize anything about it.
  • Has nothing to do with not bowing to the Apple altar. Get him talking about AMP, for example, and he'll talk about how it's a "land grab". Or listen to him at all on Windows Weekly and he'll tell you how great Chromebooks are and how everyone should get one. Or how about whenever he talks about a lack of Amazon Prime on Apple TV and says it's because Apple is blocking it. Three things that come to mind without any need for deep thought/ Intelligent criticism is great, but Leo doesn't provide any of that in any of the shows he's on. My comment about his intelligence was the more positive way to look at it. If he knows more than most of us combined, he's just a vile human being spreading ignorance.
  • "...a vile human being spreading ignorance." Because "spreading ignorance" never happens on the internet, TV, or in papers and magazines. You must hate everybody then - including Renee Ritchie. Holy Lord. Lighten up Francis.
  • I actually don't hate many people. As for disliking people, it's really about expectations and where you go. I come to iMore and know that Renee Ritchie is going to talk up Apple because he loves Apple. Paul Thurrot is going to talk up ... Call of Duty? Jeff Jarvis is going to talk up Google and Facebook.. They all have their spins on things, but I can't think of many outright lies they've told. Leo? He has no spin, he just trolls every show he's on. Everything sucks. Facts aren't important. You act like I'm supposed to hold him to the same standard as Reddit, btw, and I don't. If he's going to be on these shows, he should be held to a higher standard. At least with people like Renee, the worst you get is him saying Apple is the greatest and how unaligned ports are horrible. He doesn't lie, not that I can remember.
  • Still touchy to this day. Hey, dont violate an NDA on a product release and you won't be blacklisted. Simple contract. I'll wait....oh yeah, dont spend recklessly as well.