Obscura is free to download in the Apple Store for the next 2 months

If you're someone who loves everything photography and wants to try something new, fun, functional, and now, FREE! ... Then you have to check out Obscura.

Because it'll be free to download from the Apple Store for the next two months.

From today, users who scroll down the Discover tab should find an option to download camera app Obscura 2 for free via a redeem code, rather than paying $4.99 to download it from the App Store... The offer to download Obscura for free through the Apple Store iOS app expires on September 25, 2018. (MacRumors)

Creator Ben McCarthy clarified what the promotion details are in a new blog post:

Today is a big day for Obscura. In partnership with Apple, we're making Obscura free to new customers for a limited time. Here's what that means: Obscura is still a paid upfront app, and we have no plans to change that. The promotion will run for about two months, and during that time, Obscura will still be available for purchase. Think of it as Apple offering out promo codes rather than as a sale. (Ben McCarthy)

McCarthy goes on to detail that the promotion will only be available in certain regions and that there is no money being exchanged between him and Apple.

So if you'd rather pay full price for the app, you can do so below.

Download: Obscura ($4.99)

Excited to try Obscura?

Don't be afraid to hop on into Obscura and start shooting! We're excited to see what you end up creating.

Cella Lao Rousseau

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