Orbit Core Features On IphoneSource: Triple Glazed Studios

What you need to know

  • Orbit is a new time tracking app for iPhone and iPad.
  • It's designed for freelancers who need to tell clients how much they've worked.
  • The app even has some gorgeous iOS 14 widgets to play with.

There's a new time tracking app in town, with Orbit now available for download from the App Store. It's been created with iOS 14 in mind and has to be one of the best looking time tracking apps I've seen. And it does more than keep tabs on what you've been doing, too.

The two-person team behind Orbit says that the app is "for designers, developers and the like" or just anyone who needs to tell a client how much to pay them based on time worked. But Orbit does more than track the time – it helps you create the invoices you need to get paid as well.

Orbit Invoicing On IpadSource: Triple Glazed Studios

Ever wondered how much time you worked last week? We've got you covered. Ever forgot to stop your work timer when you're done for the day (or when just taking a break)? We've got you covered. Dreading to manually create invoices for all those hours you've worked? Guess what, we've got that covered as well!

The full rundown of features you should probably know about includes:

  • Easy setup
  • Time tracking across projects & automatic idle detection
  • Automatic invoice generation from all your logged time entries
  • Ability to create custom invoices for expenses or material cost
  • A nice overview of how you spend your time
  • Crew Plans for small teams to track time & invoice together
  • A strong focus on privacy. No ads, no tracking of metadata, and no selling of personal data.

You can take all of this for a spin without spending anything after downloading Orbit from the App Store. There are in-app purchases available for various subscription plans, too.

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