Pad & Quill brings ages-old craftsmanship to all new leather bags and sleeves

Brian and Kari Holmes, the geniuses behind Pad & Quill, have long been known for their amazing iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Air cases. Now, however, they're taking things to a completely new level with the introduction of a new line of leather bags and sleeves. Here's what Brian told us about the new line:

We are working with generations old craftsman who are creating Saddleback Leather type quality in Leon, Mexico. We've designed from scratch 3 beautiful new bags and 3 sleeves. Handmade by leather artisans.

  • The Field Bag - A portrait styled carry all with American full grain leather, 18 oz waxed canvas and held together with parachute grade UV resistant stitching. Tons of pockets and lined with our signature orange for finding your stuff and a tribute to World Vision. Each bag signed by person who Made It!
  • Messenger Bag - A classic style done with beautiful materials. Lots of room in this one with multiple interior leather pockets.
  • The Satchel - Slim and made for just the essentials on the go.
  • The Pad & Quill Sleeve for Macbook Pro/Air 13 - Rugged canvas, American top grain and UV reisitant stitching (used in parachutes) bring this uncommon sleeve together. Macbook, meet your bullet proof sleeve.

They're getting as bad as Apple. They might seriously bankrupt me. But what a way to go...!

Ordering: Pad & Quill

Rene Ritchie

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