Pad your digital Nintendo Switch game collection with 10 free games for the holidays

Whether you're a new Nintendo Switch owner or you've been a dedicated player since the console's release in 2017, you won't want to miss out on this year's QubicGames holiday offer. In celebration of the company's 15-year anniversary, you can download 10 digital games for the Nintendo Switch completely free over the course of the next two weeks. To redeem this offer, you'll simply need to own at least one QubicGames video game before December 15th. If you haven't picked one up already, this Coloring Book game counts and it's absolutely free too!

The best part about this deal is that you're not required to keep, play, or download any of the games you don't want. However, you do need to redeem each day's game if you want to have the opportunity to collect any games from the following days.

Once you've downloaded the free Coloring Book game above, you can download the first free game from QubicGames' collection: Robonauts. It's actually one of the more notable indie games on the platform and sells for $3.99 otherwise. You must download Robonauts before December 16 to be able to redeem the next game: Geki Yabu Runner. By redeeming that game on the 16th, you'll then be able to redeem the next game on the 17th, and so on.

QubicGames' promotion is ending with a mystery title on December 24 that you won't want to miss, but the only way to grab it for free will be to keep up with each day's free game. The full list of games included in this offer and the dates you can redeem them are as follows:

  • Robonauts: Redeem between December 10 - 15
  • Geki Yaba Runner: December 16
  • Puzzle Book: December 17
  • One Strike: December 18
  • Wreckin' Ball Adventure: December 19
  • Koloro: December 20
  • #RaceDieRun: December 21
  • REKT: December 22
  • Mana Spark: December 23
  • Mystery Game: December 24

Make sure to download the free Coloring Book game to become eligible for QubicGames' 10 free games, then download Robonauts to snag the first game in the group.

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Alex Smith

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