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Paper Mario Tok Max Up Heart
Paper Mario Tok Max Up Heart (Image credit: iMore)

Sometimes the battles in Paper Mario: The Origami King can be really challenging. One way to give yourself a boost is to acquire all of the MAX UP Hearts in the game, which permanently increase the total amount of health Mario has. These helpful little upgrades can be found hidden throughout the game. Here's where to find all the MAX UP Hearts in Paper Mario: The Orgiami King.

All MAX UP Heart locations

Swipe to scroll horizontally
MAX UP AmountLocationHow to get it
+20Earth Vellumental TempleGiven to you after you escape the rolling obstacle in the temple.
+5Autumn MountainWhen in the tall yellow grass, go to the far bottom left corner and fall down a hole into a cave. Rescue the Toad down there to receive the heart
+5Water Vellumental ShrineUpon entering the shrine, take the first right and then repair the hole in front of the stairs. Go down the stairs and to the back. Hit the Toad in the window to receive this heart upgrade.
+20Shogun StudiosGive Princess the Chain Chomp her bone.
+5Shogun StudiosUse the Shogun Studios master key to open the locked door in the northwest corner of the amusement park. Now make it so the left and right rooms within this building match by flipping the pillows on the left room and closing the doors on the right side. A Heart will appear in the middle closet.
+20Princess Peach (cruise ship)Make your way on top of the ship and open the treasure chest next to the bench.
+10Shroom CityWhile in the hotel, jump onto the DJ's sound system and over the left wall. Smash a box to reveal a Magic Circle. Use it to turn off the pool's water. Now save the Toad that's being used as a surfboard to get this heart.
+5Scorching Sandpaper DesertHead to the southwest corner of this area and you'll see a ring of rocks. Have the professor Toad dig in the middle to find this shrivled heart. Now take it to the Whispering Woods and throw it in the lake to revitalize it.
+10Temple of ShroomsUse the strength of the faceless Toads to open the coffin that has a heart icon on it.
+5The Great SeaLook at your map of the Great Sea, now head to the dead center of the star on the bottom left of the map where you'll see a Shy Guy on a small island. Now dive for a treasure chest that has a can inside. Now make your way to Autumn Mountain and have your can opener friend from before (near the tall grass) open it for you.
+20Heart IslandSmack the bushes on this island to reveal buttons on the backsides. Hit the proper buttons in order to make a heart appear in the heart-shaped cliff. Now make your way over to it.
+5Ice Vellumental TempleWhen you find yourself in an area with ice spikes all over the floor, head southwest until you see a cave in the wall with a treasure chest. Open it to get your heart.
+10Shangri-SpaHead to the area with the massive Toad fountain. You'll see two booths to the back right. Hit the umbrella to make a Snifit drop out. Talk to him to recieve the heart.
+10Spring of RainbowsWhen in the cave on your way to the spring, hit the three stalactites off of the ceiling in order to make the steam-powered platform raise higher into the air. Now use it to reach the Treasure chest.

Play with all your heart

Now you know where to find all of those MAX UP Hearts in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Being able to take more hits while going against major bosses and waves of enemies is sure to help you last longer without having to rely on 1-Up Mushrooms as much. For an easier playthrough, be sure to collect all of these heart upgrades.

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