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Like most RPGs, Paper Mario: The Origami King has its fair share of collectibles, weapons, and items you're going to need to complete the game. Whether you're a completionist looking to overturn every Toad in the game, or you're just trying to make battles easier, having a list of items can make things easier. We've managed to dig up almost all the items available in this newest franchise entry. See what you can check off your list.

We'll also be updating this with any additional items we find. If we're missing something let us know in the comments below.

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Weapons are essential in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Like the previous games, Mario will have to battle through his foes using what he has in his trusty arsenal. When you start the game, he comes equipped with his old stand-by: boots for that remarkable jump. It's not long before he aquires a hammer, too.

While Mario does have a base model of these weapons, upgrades will become available throughout the game. Except the base model, these upgrades have limited durability, so be sure to note how many times you use them. If a weapon is about to break, you will recieve a warning beforehand. You can typically find these items in ? Blocks located everywhere in the Mushroom Kingdom, or you can purchase them in the Weapon Shop.


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Mario's Boot Attack takes care of any enemies that are all lined up. However, not all enemies can be jumped on, such as spiked enemies. No worries! There are items for that. Here are all the Boots Mario can use.

Name Max damage Attributes
Boots 17 Starter weapon
Iron Boots 19 Protection against spiked enemies
Shiny Boots 21 More attack power
Gold Boots 24 Coins fall from enemies
Shiny Iron Boots 24 ○ More attack power
○ Protection against spiked enemies
Flashy Boots 27 Greater attack power
Flashy Iron Boots 30 ○ Greater attack power
○ Protection against spiked enemies
Legendary Boots 34 Greatest attack power
Legendary Iron Boots 34 ○ Strongest boots
○ Protection against spiked enemies


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Mario's hammer is great for attacking enemies set up in the 2x2 formation, but how can he reach an enemy that's super far away? Yep — there's a hammer for that too. Certain hammers can attack long-range and work only in a straight line. Plus, there are a few that can inflict elemental damage. Here are all of Mario's hammers.

Name Max damage Attributes
Hammer 20 Starter weapon
Hurlhammer 22 ○ Long-range attack
○ Straight line
Shiny Hammer 24 More attack power
Gold Boots 24 Coins knocked from enemies
Ice Hammer 27 Adds ice damage
Fire Hammer 27 Adds fire damage
Flashy Hammer 30 Greater attack power
Legendary Hammer 37 Greatest attack power
Shiny Hurlhammer 37 ○ Long-range attack
○ Straight line

Battle accessories

Weapons aren't the only items that can help Mario in battle. There are plenty of accessories that can help boost stats like health, time, and damage. These add-ons can make or break you in a battle, so it's better to keep on top of anything new that pops up in the shop.

Here are all the accessories Mario can use to give him the edge against the Folded Soliders.

Heart Plus accessories

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These simple accessories do exactly what you'd think they would do; they boost Mario's health during battle. Once equipped, the Heart Plus pieces will increase Mario's health. Keep an eye out for upgrades; the Silver and Gold models provide way more HP than the base model.

Name Attributes
Heart Plus Adds small amount of HP in battle
Silver Heart Plus Adds greater amount of HP in battle
Gold Heart Plus Greatest HP boost in battle

Guard Plus accessories

Mario Origami King Silver Guard PlusSource: iMore

Guard Plus accessories give Mario an extra protection boost. The Guard accessories reduce the amount of damage you take during a fight. As with the Heart accessories, as you purchase upgrades, the damage reduction will increase as well.

Name Attributes
Guard Plus Reduces small amount of damage in battle
Silver Guard Plus Reduces greater amount of damage in battle
Gold Guard Plus Greatest damage reduction in battle

Time Plus accessories

Mario Origami King Silver Time PlusSource: iMore

Running out of time? No sweat. Equip the Time Plus accesory and give yourself a little more time to arrange enemies. As with the others, the better the upgrade, the more time added to the clock.

Name Attributes
Time Plus Adds extra time to arrange enemies
Time Guard Plus Adds greater amount of time to arrange enemies
Gold Time Plus Greatest addition of time for arranging enemies

Battle items

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Hammers and Boots aren't the only tools in your arsenal. Like most Mario games, there are plenty of battle-ready items you can pull out. Depending on the items you use, they will damage enemies in a straight line, a 2x2 set up, or they will damage every enemy on the board. You can find these items by exploring the overworld and hitting ? Blocks, or they are avaible in the item shop.

Attack items

Whether you want to set you enemies on fire or take them all at once, these classic Mario items are the perfect way to mop the floor with the Folded Soldiers. These items can inflict elemental damage or wallop your enemies with a devistating attack.

Name Max damage Attributes
Fire Flower 24 ○ Fireball attack
○ Straight line attack
Fire Flower 36 ○ Stronger fireball attack
○ Straight line attack
Ice Flower 24 ○ Ice attack
○ Straight line attack
Shiny Ice Flower 36 ○ Stronger ice attack
○ Straight line attack
Tail 24 ○ Tailspin attack
○ 2x2 attack radius
Shiny Tail 36 ○ Stronger tailspin attack
○ 2x2 attack radius
Pow 12 Deals ground damage to all enemies

Support items

When Mario takes damage, you need to bring him back to full. His go-to health, the classic Mushroom, is still the way to do it. Like other Mario games, there are different types of mushrooms that can restore his health both in and out of battle.

Name Max healing Attributes
Mushroom 50 HP Restores Mario's health in and out of battle
Shiny Mushroom 100 HP Restores greater health
Flashy Mushroom 200 HP Restores greatest amount of health

Additional accessories

Paper Mario The Orgami King Retro SoundboxSource: iMore

Items aren't only useful for battle. The right accessories can help you navigate Paper Mario's huge open world, find toads, locate hidden blocks, and give you some steep store discounts. Here are all the accessories that are useful outside battle.

Alert accessories

Mario Origami King Hidden Block AlertSource: iMore

There are plenty of hidden goodies throughout Paper Mario: The Origami King, and not all of them are easy to find. Lucky for you, there are a few accessories to help with that. The Alert accessories are just what you're looking for that extra helping hand.

Name Attributes
Toad Alert Chimes when a Toad is near and in peril
Treasure Alert Chimes when a chest or Collectible is near
Hidden Block Alert Chimes when a hidden block is near

Other accessories

Mario Origami King Membership CardSource: iMore

Want shop discounts? How about an easier way to gather confetti? Well, there's an accessory for that. If you're looking to make your game experience a little smoother, these can help.

Name Attributes
Membership Card 20% discount on shop merchandise
Silver Membership Card 30% discount on shop merchandise
Gold Membership Card 50% discount on shop merchandise
Confetti Vacuum Collect confetti long-range
Petal Bag Turns confetti into cherry blossom petals
Ally Tambourine Raises attack power for allies for short time
Coin Step Counter Walk to 10,000 steps to win a prize
Retro Soundbox Changes Mario's actions sounds for jumping, hammering, and walking

Overworld items

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These items are key to your Paper Mario: The Origami King experience. Coins make the world go-round, confetti can help fix up just about anything, and hearts are always a good find. Here are some of the common items you'll encounter in the overworld.

Name Use
Confetti Used to fill holes
Coin Single coin used as currency
10-Coin 10 coins
Giant Coin 100 coins
Heart Restore amount of health

Story or additional items

Mario Origami King Professor Room KeySource: Rebecca Spear / iMore

Finally, we've reached the last bunch of items. These are the items that are story-related, or that require a little something extra. Whether you need to restore a seed's former flory or get through a locked door, these items are imporant for driving the story or side mission forward.

  • Faded Fire Flower
  • Shriveled Mushroom
  • Shriveled Seed
  • Soul Seed
  • Royalty Pass
  • Manhole Hook
  • Shell Stones
  • Purple Shell Stone
  • Green Shell Stone
  • Yellow Shell Stone
  • Blue Shell Stone
  • Red Shell Stone
  • Shriveled MAX UP Heart
  • Canned Heart
  • Big Shell
  • Coin Bag
  • Diamond Jewel
  • Square Jewel
  • Round Jewel
  • Triangle Jewel
  • Straw
  • Beachball
  • Shurikens
  • Bone
  • Stamp Card
  • Goomba Mask
  • Jungle King Mask
  • Space Warrior Mask
  • Shogun Studios Master Key
  • Professor's Room Key
  • Shroom Hotel Key
  • Key to Bowser's Castle
  • Key to Peach's Castle

Finding every item you need

So, that's it! Every item you can get in Paper Mario: The Origami King. Of course, you can also find a ton of collectible treasures, too. However, if you are in search of items you might need to use during the game, we've got them here. As new items are discovered, we'll be sure to come back and update this list so you can satisfy that completionist urge.

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