Paper Mario: The Origami King — How to unlock the secret ending

Paper Mario Origami King Secret Ending
Paper Mario Origami King Secret Ending (Image credit: iMore)

Since the Paper Mario series has always included hidden items and experiences, I wasn't surprised to find them in The Origami King. In addition to invisible Question Mark Blocks, hidden puns, and bonus NPC interactions, players can unlock a slightly longer end scene if they 100% complete TOK. This is wonderful news for any completionists out there. But what exactly do you have to do to 100% the game? We're here to help. Here are some tips for how to unlock The Origami King's secret ending.

Note: There's a point of no return shortly after entering Olly's castle. So only walk up those origami steps when you are completely ready to face Olly and watch that secret ending.

How to unlock the secret ending in Paper Mario: The Origami King

Mario needs to complete four different categories at every location to 100% the game. He'll need to fill all Not-Bottomless Holes, rescue all Toads, collect all Treasures, and hit all ? Blocks. Sometimes these things only show up after beating the locations boss or getting rid of a streamer in another loction, so be sure to check back in areas you've already been through.

Here are tips for completing these tasks.

How to check your progress

  1. While the game is on, press the + Button to open up the menu.
  2. Select the Map menu.
  3. A page will pop up, displaying what you've accomplished in the various areas on the map. Scroll down to any given location to see what still needs to be done.

Paper Mario Origami King Check Your Progress (Image credit: iMore)

Make sure to check this section frequently to see how far along you are with your various collection categories. Sometimes, after defeating a boss and making the streamer disapper, things show up that weren't there before. So, make sure to recheck areas after you've progressed a ways.

Find all Toads

Paper Mario All Toads Bonehead Island

Paper Mario All Toads Bonehead Island (Image credit: iMore)

There are several hidden Toads throughout the game. Many of them are in plain sight. Whenever you see an origami butterfly flittering around, an origami bug scuttling up a cliff, an origami plant, or any origami item that has Toad-like coloring, be sure to hit it. Some Toads can only be found after hitting trees or defeating certain enemies, so if all else fails, hit something and see what happens.

If you're having trouble finding all of the Toads, check out our All Toad locations guide.

Fill all Not-Bottomless Holes

There are gaping holes in every area that can be filled with confetti. To find them all, we suggest searching every corner of an area. Sometimes the holes are tucked up in the corners or are in hidden areas, so you really have to look around for them. Once they've been filled, Mario can often reach additional secrets or hidden items.

Collect all Collectible Treasures

Paper Mario The Origami King Earth Vellumental Temple Collectible

Paper Mario The Origami King Earth Vellumental Temple Collectible (Image credit: iMore)

There are trophies scattered throughout the various Paper Mario levels. Many of them are hidden away in hard-to-reach treasure chests. You'll need to scour every inch of the land to see if there are hidden passageways or ramps that aren't immediately obvious. Other Collectible Treasures must be earned by participating in mini-games. When in doubt, try to interact with every NPC and every area of a map to uncover them all.

For further assistance, check out our All Collectible Treasures guide.

Find and hit all ? Blocks

Paper Mario Origami King Hidden Blocks

Paper Mario Origami King Hidden Blocks (Image credit: iMore)

As with the other categories, there are ? Blocks hidden throughout The Origami King. Some of them are in plain sight. However, some of them are invisible and will only show themselves after Mario hits them. To uncover these hidden ? Blocks, you'll want to jump around or smash your hammer on suspicious locations.

Work for it

Now you know what needs to be done to 100% complete Paper Mario: The Origami King. Good luck filling all of those Not-Bottomless Holes, finding all those hidden Toads, collecting all the treasures, and hitting all the question mark blocks. It's going to take some time, but hopefully, the extra-long ending scene will be worth it for you.

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