Philips Hue Lux bulbs now up for pre-order

A short while ago Philips announced its first white light only bulbs in its Hue range, the Lux. Now at least things have progressed far enough that we can pre-order the Lux bulbs for shipping in late September. They lose out on some of the razzle dazzle of the regular Hue bulbs in losing the colors but in doing so the price has come down quite a bit.

The individual bulbs can be had for $29.95 while the starter kit of two Lux bulbs and the Bridge will cost you $99.95. With these prices being quite a bit lower than the regular Hue bulbs and respective starter kit it's also a lower cost way of easing yourself into the system. Pre-orders are available at both Amazon and the Apple Store at the links below.

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  • It should be made clear that at 8-9 watts those bulbs are just too weak to replace regular bulbs. Those are more decorative, for mood lighting, and in this scenario one or two bulbs might not be enough. In my experience, LED bulbs to replace regular bulbs are 12 to 18 watts, which will give the equivalent lumens to 60 to 125 watts in incandescent bulbs.
  • These produce 750 lumens, not the 600 lumens of the standard Hue bulbs. More:
  • There's no direct correlation between watts and brightness, you need to be looking at the lumens level. The former measures energy and the latter measures brightness.