Philips hue tap light switch is powered by your touch

Philips is now selling the hue tap, their light switch for controlling their hue bulbs. Tap, originally announced back in March can control up to four different scenes, letting you control groups of hue lightbulbs without needing to pull out your smartphone. Simply press the buttons on the front of tap in order to select your scene. Tap does this all without batteries, using the kinetic energy provided by your tapping the device in order to power the low-energy ZigBee connection.

Up to 25 tap switches can be connected to a single hue bridge, allowing you to control up to 50 bulbs. Scenes are set to the tap's different buttons using the Philips hue app. Scenes can be assigned to any button, and the app lets you choose either to activate the scene, or turn your lights off.

Philips will apparently open up the tap's controls through its existing hue API. Additonally, the tap switch will integrate with Apple's HomeKit platform when iOS 8 launches in the fall. You can pickup the Philips hue tap switch online, as well as from Apple Retail Stores, for $59.95.

Source: SlashGear

Joseph Keller

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  • Awesome... A $60 switch for a $70 light bulb can't wait! ;-)
  • $40 per bulb dollars actually if you do not need the colors.